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Li Shengwu wonders the amount of public funds spent on the cases against him and his mother, after Court of Appeal says ok for papers to be served to him in United States

In a 66-page judgement released on Monday (1 April), the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal by Mr Li Shengwu to contest the court order which enabled the Attorney General Chambers (AGC) to serve papers on him in the United States for the alleged offence of contempt of court. The judges ruled that the service out of the jurisdiction was …

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A distraught caregiver and her lost cats

by Kirsten Han It’s late on a Friday night, close to closing time for most of the shops and restaurants in the area. Outside the Harbourfront Centre, a video is still playing on the big screen at the Singapore Heritage Festival, but the stalls have already begun winding down and packing up. Double-decker buses are roaring up the road to …

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PMO convenes Public Sector Data Security Review Committee, following recent cybersecurity breaches in public healthcare databases

A Public Sector Data Security Review Committee has been convened by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in the wake of several cybersecurity breaches involving public healthcare databases in recent months, the latest being the data leak involving over 800,000 blood donors by a Health Sciences Authority vendor. The HSA database breach is the third cybersecurity breach concerning public healthcare databases …

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Singapore to boost R&D funding for digital tech, cell therapy manufacturing and food security

A mid-term review of the Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2020 (RIE 2020) plan resulted in Singapore putting in more funds for the research and development (R&D) efforts in three key areas, namely digital technologies, cell therapy manufacturing and food security. According to a press release by National Research Foundation (NRF) on Wednesday (27 March), these additional investments will boost the …

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