Singapore’s High Commissioner refutes The Economist’s allegations of CPIB’s lack of independence, but without a POFMA direction

In a diplomatic counter, Singapore’s High Commissioner to the UK, Mr Lim Thuan Kuan, has refuted allegations made by The Economist, questioning the CPIB’s independence. In defence of Singapore’s anti-corruption mechanisms, he cited constitutional safeguards and a commitment to thorough investigations.

Intriguingly, Singapore’s government chose this diplomatic route, rather than issuing a POFMA directive – a law previously used to counter foreign ‘falsehoods’ – as it has done in similar past instances.

Kirsten Han raises concerns over RISJ’s 2023 Digital News Report and its lack of context about Singapore’s media landscape

Journalist Kirsten Han criticizes the 2023 Digital News Report for its portrayal of Singapore’s media landscape, echoing Maria Ressa’s concerns about the report’s potentially harmful impact on independent media organizations and its inadequate depiction of Singapore’s press freedom situation and political context.