Sign up as a TOC volunteer

We are looking for volunteers of all stripes – from reporters to videographers, social media enthusiasts.

If you think this is something you wanna be involved in, you can fill up the form below or please email us at [email protected]

Description of positions

Writer – Commentary writers on issues.

Copyeditor – To be gatekeepers of the reports to ensure accuracy and being free of error for readability.

Correspondent – Our ears and eyes. You do not need to write reports but to feed us with details. We have 2 categories of reporters which is either stationed in your home estate or go out to cover events outside of your home estate:

Notes for correspondents:

  1. Outside of where you stay: Those who are able and keen to travel across the island to cover various events and to send us reports on who said what and so on
  2. Those who prefer to stay in their neighbourhood and send us pictures, videos and brief reports on any happenings.

Video-editor – To help edit the video clips produced by the videographers and edit for public consumption and attachment with the articles.

Spotter – Help spot astroturfers and fake accounts on social media platforms.