There will be no mandate or respect for the President if there is a walkover

By The Online CitizenOn 4th September 2017

by Lim Tean, lawyer and political activist Over the weekend , the Mainstream Media was suggesting that perhaps there is no need for a contest in the upcoming Presidential Election and that the reserved Election 0

Workers' Party MPs file defence in AHTC suit; Maintains MPs acted in good faith and in accordance with duties as Town Councillors

By The Online CitizenOn 17th August 2017

On 26 July, the independent panel which was appointed to Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) in consultation with Housing Development Board on Feb 2017, filed a lawsuit against several of the town councillor and a few other over alleged...



There are no honest people in Singapore

By The Online CitizenOn 21st September 2017

by Anonymous Reader In Singapore there are no laws to protect whistleblowers. Even assuming there are, things are not as straightforward as we imagine. In a society like Singapore, hierarchies are created for the sake of creating them because there are too many cronies to feed. Whatever legal ...


Close to 2000 turn up at Hong Lim Park for protest against process of Elected Presidency

By The Online CitizenOn 20th September 2017

Close to 2000 individuals turned up at Hong Lim Park on 16 September to show their concern and unhappiness over the recently concluded reserved elected presidency which saw Mdm Halimah Yacob being declared President-elect as sole qualifying candidate. While there were no speeches for the event du...


The factors in getting your condo loan application approved

By The Online CitizenOn 21st September 2017

Now that you know how the upgrading will work, let's look at the biggest issue: getting a loan for your condo. Some banks will embrace you, some will reject you, and some will screw you by changing their mind at the last minute. To make sure things go as smooth as possible, here's how to get that co...


QS ranking downright shady and unethical

By The Online CitizenOn 9th June 2017