An earlier article (dated 28 April 2023) contains a false statement of fact.Tangaraju s/o Suppiah was in fact represented by legal counsel and had an interpreter during his trial. For the correct facts, click here:


An earlier article dated 02 May 2023 contains false statements of fact. The Police did not misrepresent the facts of the incident. The Online Citizen (TOC) was previously issued a POFMA Correction Direction on 21 May 2021 for publishing a false statement of fact relating to this incident. TOC appealed to the High Court to set aside the Correction Direction. The High Court found that TOC had published a false statement of fact and dismissed TOC's appeal. The earlier article again publishes falsehoods relating to the incident. For the correct facts, click here:

Latest news

Woman deleted her LinkedIn account after backlash from her classist remarks about “HDB people”

A woman's classist remarks on LinkedIn sparked backlash as she expressed the need to limit contact with "HDB people" (residents of public housing). Nadine, a law undergraduate, responded passionately, highlighting that homeownership is a unique culture for "HDB people" and dismissing the notion that they lack humanity. She emphasized the importance of respect for all individuals, regardless of societal standing. Another user criticized the woman's elitist views and highlighted the contributions of Singapore's laborers. The woman eventually took her LinkedIn profile offline due to the negative attention.


There’s no need to wait for results of the Ridout estates independent review

Augustine Low critically evaluates the decision to appoint Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean for an "independent review" of Ministers Shanmugam and Balakrishnan, over controversies concerning their residential occupation. Low questions the review's objectivity, considering the long-term professional relationship between the ministers. He implies an expected conclusion of "ownself exonerate ownself," challenging the ministers' reticence in addressing public queries directly.

How Minister K Shanmugam’s response obfuscates the allegations of Ridout estates

Minister for Home Affairs and Law, K Shanmugam, addressed serious allegations about residential properties by requesting an independent review. However, his response seemingly conflates various issues, potentially misrepresenting the allegations. The true concerns aren't about illegal tree felling or car porch construction, but about whether proper procedures were followed and appropriate permissions were granted. And most importantly whether there was a potential conflict of interest leasing a property from the SLA, an entity the Minister for Law oversees.

When the tide of decay is not stemmed, the rot sets in

Augustine Low opines, in a string of controversies, from the colonial bungalow scandal to the Keppel bribery affair, we're repeatedly told "the system works; let's move on." But can minor scratches explain the emerging decay? Silence breeds distrust, and waiting for answers fuels speculation. Will Prime Minister Lee's words on upholding integrity apply equally to everyone, ensuring no one is above the law? Systemic failures need to be addressed; otherwise, the rot risks becoming permanent.

A matter of complicity: Singapore’s role in Myanmar’s arms trade

Tom Andrews, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, exposed Singapore's role in the arms trade with Myanmar's military. While the Singaporean government denies involvement, Andrews' report reveals the flow of US$254 million worth of supplies facilitated by Singaporean entities and banks. Though specific companies remain undisclosed, Justice for Myanmar has identified Singapore-based entities previously involved in arming the military.

Punching a hole in the PAP’s image as prudent and frugal

The recent controversy over ministers occupying colonial bungalows on Ridout Road has shattered the carefully cultivated image of the People's Action Party (PAP) as a party of prudence and frugality. The narrative of PAP politicians cherishing simplicity and eschewing extravagance has been undermined by the sight of ministers living in ostentatious homes with sprawling grounds. It confirms what many have suspected all along - our ministers are the elite of the country, enjoying power, prestige, and wealth. They may claim to be servants of the people, but their actions puncture their own self-proclaimed image.


“Much commendable” if Supreme Court judges to lead the Ridout Road saga’s review, says...

Senior Counsel Harpreet Singh Nehal addressed the Ridout Road controversy, emphasizing that the credibility of the government's review depends on full disclosure of all facts and perceived independence of the review. He suggested appointing respected current or retired Supreme Court judges to lead the review, ensuring impartiality and credibility. Mr Singh underlined the importance of transparency, fairness, and the avoidance of perceived special treatment in transactions involving ministers or their family members.

Four Hong Kong students sentenced over anti-govt bomb plot

Four Hong Kong students, including two minors, were sentenced for their involvement in a plot to set off bombs in public spaces. The oldest defendant received over five years in prison, while the others were sent to juvenile rehabilitation centers. The case was handled under the national security law imposed by China in 2020, aimed at suppressing dissent in the city. The defendants belonged to a group advocating for independence and had planned to use explosives in public areas. Critics argue that Hong Kong's autonomy and freedoms have been eroded since the implementation of the security law.

Cambodian opposition party loses bid to overturn election ban

Cambodia's main opposition party lost its bid to participate in the upcoming elections, allowing long-serving leader Hun Sen to run uncontested. The ruling was upheld by the Constitutional Council, disappointing the Candlelight Party and shrinking the space for democracy in the country. Critics accuse Hun Sen of suppressing opposition and manipulating the legal system. The party had gained popularity in local elections and aimed to challenge the ruling party in every constituency. Hun Sen's grip on power continues, with his son being groomed as his successor.

The electorate is watching you”, Gerard Ong reminds ministers of Singaporeans’ expectation of them

Gerald Ong, a former Managing Director at Foreword Communications, took to Facebook to express his views on the conduct of the two ministers residing in colonial bungalows on Ridout Road. Ong emphasized that as public servants and leaders, they should uphold decorum and humility, understanding their responsibility to serve the people with empathy. He recalled past leaders like Deputy PM Goh Keng Swee and founding Father Lee Kuan Yew, who chose humble lifestyles. Ong believes that ministers should be aware that the electorate is always watching their actions and lifestyle choices.

BERSIH calls for an end to political appointments and patronage in Malaysian GLCs

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH) has expressed concerns over the political appointments made by Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim in government-linked companies. The appointment of Wong Chen, a Member of Parliament from Anwar's party, as the Non-Executive Chairman of Malaysia Debts Ventures Berhad (MDV) has drawn scrutiny. BERSIH calls for transparency in such appointments and suggests excluding elected representatives from GLC positions. While acknowledging Wong's qualifications, the organization questions the necessity of his appointment and emphasizes the need for qualified individuals to be appointed to key positions in GLCs and statutory boards.




Travel industry looks to Chinese tourists to cap post-COVID rebound

Industry leaders are predicting a global tourism revival this year, with the return of Chinese tourists playing a significant role. The desire to travel is at an all-time high, with leisure travel surpassing business travel. Chinese tourists, now free from COVID-19 restrictions, are expected to contribute to the boom, putting pressure on the travel industry. Hotel chains are experiencing a shift in travel habits, with a greater focus on leisure rather than business. The industry is working to meet the surge in demand and recover from the challenges of the past two years.

Arts & Culture

Malaysian comedian get cancelled on Chinese social media, invites audience to attend upcoming June...

Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, famously known as "Uncle Roger," faces a ban on Chinese social media platforms following satirical comments about China's government. Ng humorously addressed potential surveillance and mockingly praised President Xi in a video. Following jokes about surveillance and the One-China policy, several of his accounts were suspended.

Malaysian Home Ministry withdraws appeal against High Court’s 2021 ruling on ‘Allah’ in Christian...

Malaysia's Home Ministry has withdrawn its appeal against a High Court ruling that overturned the ban on using the word "Allah" in Christian publications. Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail cited 'contradictions' between an administrative order and a 1986 Cabinet decision. Despite this, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim stated that restrictions remain for non-Muslims in other states, a claim contested by Sarawak state assemblyman Baru Bian

Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh receives warm homecoming reception after historic Oscar win

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim received a visit from Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, the first Malaysian actress to win the Best Actress trophy at the 95th Academy Awards (Oscars). On Thursday (20 Apr) morning, the meeting was shared on Anwar’s official Instagram story. In the post, Anwar also expressed his gratitude to the Hollywood actress, born in Ipoh, Perak, for bringing the trophy she won through the film Everything Everywhere All At Once back to Malaysia.

Seasoned busker forced to spend S$2k on flight back to Singapore to renew permit;...

Singaporean busker, Jonathan Goh, has criticised the National Arts Council (NAC) for the difficulties he faced in renewing his busking permit. Previously, experienced buskers were granted a two-year permit, but the NAC changed it to a one-year validity for everyone after lifting busking restrictions last year. Despite being a seasoned performer, Mr Goh is required to undergo a physical audition for five minutes in front of a panel of judges to assess his street performance skills, which he believes is outdated. The NAC defended the physical auditions to provide "fair and open opportunities for everyone".

Singapore’s Mediacorp defends drama series “Silent Walls” against accusations of harmful gay stereotypes

Mediacorp's TV drama "Silent Walls" has received criticism from some members of the LGBTQ community for perpetuating harmful gay stereotypes. The criticism was primarily driven by an article from online LGBTQ+ publication Dear Straight People, which called out the relationship between two characters, citing their "problematic" large age gap as well as reinforcing the harmful stereotype that gay men are predators and groomers. The storyline was also criticized for implying that gay men are all diseased and promiscuous, suggesting that gay couples will always meet a tragic fate.