About Us

The Online Citizen is Singapore’s longest-running independent online media platform.

Our aim is to examine the issues that matter, or should matter, to citizens in democratic countries and to reflect the diversity of life, of ideas and opinions of individuals, regardless of race, language or religion.

We believe that our future is best served by having an informed and involved citizenry that has access to a wide range of sources of news and views and an open and vibrant environment in which to share and to debate ideas and opinions.

The Online Citizen was set up to help create such an environment, and that is what we continue to work towards.

TOC was founded in 2006, some six months after the Singapore General Election that was held in May.

At that time, Singaporeans had few independent media platforms to turn to for socio-political news and views. TOC was set up to provide readers with alternative perspectives and to cover stories ignored or under-reported by traditional media.

TOC is editorially independent. We set our own agenda, free from commercial bias, undue influence from billionaire owners, politicians or shareholders. No one tells our Editor what to write. Our opinion is our own. This is crucial. It allows us to give a voice to the marginalised and oppressed. It enables us to ask uncomfortable questions and hold the powers be to account. This sets us apart from so many other players in the media. This is a time when honest, objective, independent and factual reporting holds a priceless place in society.

We have managed to stay the course for nearly a decade thanks to the unstinting support of a sizeable pool of writers, photographers, editors and many others who have volunteered their time and expertise. Without their dedication and passion, we would not still be here today.

As we complete our 13th year, we continue to depend on the contributions of volunteers. We have, however, made a few changes to ensure the sustainability of our operations and to keep pace with the changes we have seen in Singapore and the region in the last decade.

In 2017, The Online Citizen joins Investigative Reporters and Editors as a member and one of the news entities recognised by the international non-profit organisation.


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