The CRI, the CHI and the WEF Competitiveness rating – what does this all mean for the PAP govt?

Singapore has fared very well in two international rankings recently. Hot on the heels of Singapore's stellar showing on the Human Capital Index (HCI) released by the World Bank, Singapore has also come in at second place in the World Economic Forum's (WEF) competitiveness rating. Less salubrious is the nation's results in the Commitment to Reducing Inequality index (CRI) released by Oxfam …

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4G Leadership display the misguided arrogance that is built not on their own efforts but on the efforts of those that have come before.

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat (Heng) may have denounced Oxfam's findings that Singapore fares dismally in its measures to combat income inequality, he was light in detail as to why Oxfam's report was inaccurate. While Heng may have clocked his disappointment at Oxfam's report, what is the basis of his disappointment? That it reflects badly on the Peoples' Action Party …

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Bilateral relations between US and China a greater concern for Singapore than developments in Malaysia, says Minister for Foreign Affairs

Although Singapore does not deny the significance of developments taking place in Malaysia, the Republic is primarily keeping an eye on developments concerning bilateral relations between the United States and China for the time being, said Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Vivian Balakrishnan. Speaking to Malaysian journalists at the 12th Malaysian Journalists Visit Programme in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday (9 …

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Does the Office of the President come with a code of conduct?

Despite having virtually zero political power, the office of the President is still an office that is imbued with prestige in Singapore. The President is after all, still the official head of state in Singapore and that position in itself carries an air of dignity. With that in mind, I query if it is appropriate for our current President to …

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SDP warned about EIP and PAP’s racial politics years ago

Below is a blog post by the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) It was reported yesterday that minorities are having a hard time selling their flats because, under the Ethnic Integration Policy or EIP, they cannot sell them to Singaporean Chinese families under certain conditions. This means that they are only able to sell the flats to people from minority races, a situation …

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