Singapore to play host to ‘The Business Show’ 2023: A premier global gathering of business minds

Singapore is set to host the globally acclaimed ‘The Business Show’ Singapore 2023, a dynamic two-day event that fosters business innovation, adaptation, and networking. Featuring over 300 exhibitors and 200 seminars, the event promises rich learning and networking opportunities for the international business community.

Grab to acquire Trans-cab, strengthening driver base and enhancing services

Grab Holdings Limited, the leading super app in Southeast Asia, has made a significant move to acquire Trans-cab Holdings Ltd, Singapore’s third largest taxi operator.

This landmark deal will make Trans-Cab the first Singaporean taxi company to be bought by Grab. The strategic partnership aims to strengthen Grab’s driver base and meet evolving consumer demands through advanced digitization.

Grab and Sea urge MAS to lift deposit cap to win the digital banking race

Grab and Sea are lobbying Singapore’s Monetary Authority to lift deposit caps for their digital banks, citing the need for sustained business models, increased cash flow, and investment in technology and cybersecurity. While the cap safeguards consumers, the banks view it as limiting their lending ability and hindering profitability.

Ringgit shows signs of strengthening against USD and SGD on Friday

The ringgit showed slight signs of strengthening against the Singapore dollar at Friday (14 Jul) noon, reaching 3.43.

This slight appreciation follows its lowest level in history against the Singapore dollar, which hit a daily low of 3.50 two days prior.

Additionally, the ringgit also traded higher against a variety of major currencies and other ASEAN currencies.