Shin Min’s report on former WP MP Leon Perera draws criticism for intrusiveness and lack of empathy

A Shin Min Daily News reporter wrote a report after having visited Mr Leon Perera’s home after the WP press conference on Wednesday, triggering netizens’ ridicule for selective reporting. Critics question the Chinese media outlet’s lack of empathy towards the resigning MP’s family during a sensitive time and why they are not covering the MPs from the People’s Action Party as well.

Redditors praises Nicole Seah’s resignation letter as ‘most sincere’ compared to Cheng Li Hui’s 3-paragraph letter

A Reddit discussion compared the sincerity of former WP MP, Ms Seah’s resignation letter with former PAP member Ms Cheng’s three-paragraph letter. Despite some support for Ms Cheng’s approach, the prevailing sentiment was that the recent blowout likely marks the end of both politicians’ political careers.

POFMA correction notices issued for social media posts on claims of investigation into opposition leader Pritam Singh’s alleged lies

False social media claims about Pritam Singh’s involvement in a non-disclosure investigation were refuted by the Leader of the House Indranee Rajah, amidst alleged inaccuracies surrounding a Committee of Privileges’ probe into former Workers’ Party MP for Sengkang GRC, Raeesah Khan and the involvement of Mr Pritam Singh. The social media posts also called for a COP into Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s supposed non-disclosure about an affair between former Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin and another People’s Action Party MP.

Singapore Grand Prix 2023 preparations continue amid ongoing corruption probe involving Ong Beng Seng

Amid an ongoing corruption probe, Singapore Grand Prix 2023 is forging ahead as planned. STB’s Ms Ong Ling Lee expressed commitment to ensure success with all partners. The event takes place from 15 to 17 September at Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Experience of being followed or surveilled is “very well-known among some opposition politicians and activists”

Commenting on the recent major blowout, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Secretary General of the Reform Party (RP), and independent journalist Kirsten Han highlighted their experiences of being followed or surveilled, which are “well-known among some opposition politicians and activists.” As of today, the circumstances surrounding the filming of the video featuring Mr Perera and Ms Seah remain unknown, including when, where, and who filmed it. The video was reported by local media as being leaked on Facebook by a fake profile named “Victoria Wang,” however the post had only tens of shares when the news first broke, hardly enough to be considered viral.

Fire breakout in Bedok Reservoir Road HDB, prompting evacuation of 90 residents

In a swift response, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) tackled a fire at a 7th-floor unit in Block 618, Bedok Reservoir Road on Friday (21 Jul). The blaze, suspected to originate from an electrical source, prompted the evacuation of 90 residents while causing significant damage to the unit.

Two Men arrested in Malaysia and extradited to Singapore for stolen ring worth S$132,000

Two Men Arrested for Stealing Diamond Ring Worth S$132,000 from Lucky Plaza Pawnshop on Sunday (16 Jul). After a swift investigation, the suspects were apprehended in Malaysia and extradited to Singapore to face charges.

Minister Iswaran interviewed by CPIB at its headquarter for nearly 10 hours on Tuesday

Transport Minister S. Iswaran appeared at CPIB headquarters on Tuesday for the first time since his arrest where he was supposedly interviewed for nearly 10 hours, with media observing his arrival and departure. Speculation links the investigation to the F1 Singapore Grand Prix organized by prominent businessman Ong Beng Seng.

Former police officer on trial for alleged abuse and cover-up of 2016 maid’s tragic death

Kevin Chelvam, a 44-year-old former staff sergeant, is facing trial for his alleged role in the abuse and cover-up of offences against his maid, Piang Ngaih Don. Prosecutors claim he was complicit, fully aware of the atrocities occurring under his roof.

Grab to acquire Trans-cab, strengthening driver base and enhancing services

Grab Holdings Limited, the leading super app in Southeast Asia, has made a significant move to acquire Trans-cab Holdings Ltd, Singapore’s third largest taxi operator. This landmark deal will make Trans-Cab the first Singaporean taxi company to be bought by Grab. The strategic partnership aims to strengthen Grab’s driver base and meet evolving consumer demands through advanced digitization.