Singapore hangs 14th drug convict since last year

Singapore executed Mohd Aziz bin Hussain, convicted of drug trafficking, amid a resumption of executions in 2022. Another woman prisoner, Saridewi Djamani, faces execution. Amnesty International urged Singapore to halt the executions, questioning the deterrent effect of the death penalty.

One dead, three injured in Seoul stabbing rampage: police

One killed, three wounded in stabbing rampage near Seoul subway station. Suspect in custody; motive under investigation. Rare incident alarms South Korea, known for low crime rate.

Indonesian police expose international kidney trafficking network amidst legal and diplomatic hurdles

A joint operation by Jakarta Metropolitan Police and Metro Bekasi Regional Police exposed an international kidney trafficking syndicate despite legal and diplomatic obstacles. A total of 122 Indonesian citizens have undergone kidney transplants at Preah Ket Mealea Hospital in Kamboja, with recipients hailing from different countries such as India, China, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Two Men arrested in Malaysia and extradited to Singapore for stolen ring worth S$132,000

Two Men Arrested for Stealing Diamond Ring Worth S$132,000 from Lucky Plaza Pawnshop on Sunday (16 Jul). After a swift investigation, the suspects were apprehended in Malaysia and extradited to Singapore to face charges.

Former police officer on trial for alleged abuse and cover-up of 2016 maid’s tragic death

Kevin Chelvam, a 44-year-old former staff sergeant, is facing trial for his alleged role in the abuse and cover-up of offences against his maid, Piang Ngaih Don. Prosecutors claim he was complicit, fully aware of the atrocities occurring under his roof.

Singapore woman loses S$199,996 in deceptive shopping app scam

A 56-year-old woman in Singapore fell prey to an online scam involving a deceptive “shopping app”, losing S$199,996. After reporting the incident, she was later contacted by an alleged “investigator from Woodlands Police Division”, leading her to discover the impersonation and report the incident again to the authorities. The Singapore Police Force issued an alert about 134 individuals falling victim to government agency impersonation scams, losing $375,000 collectively between 1 June and 12 July.

Singaporean doctor continues to encounter unauthorised charges despite 3 credit card replacements

A Singaporean doctor experienced unauthorised charges exceeding $3,600, including four transactions to AirAsia, despite her efforts to block and replace her credit card. The case adds to the growing instances of fraudulent card usage, highlighting concerns among cardholders and leading to a warning from the Singapore Police Force about similar scams.

Sabah woman falls prey to ‘Korean oppa’ love scam, loses USD 551,000

A woman in Sabah fell victim to a love scam, losing RM2.5 million (approximately USD 551,250) after placing trust in a ‘Korean Oppa’ on Instagram. In Malaysia, a staggering 7,548 love scam cases have been recorded from 2018 to June 2023, with losses surpassing RM382 million (approximately USD 84 million).

Four individuals imprisoned in Singapore for market-rigging scheme

Four Singapore individuals have been sentenced for manipulating Koyo International Limited’s share prices, resulting in approximately $3.28 million losses.

Malaysian photographer shares her harrowing experience of being harassed and stalked by an IG user for eight years

Malaysian photographer Acacia Diana exposed 8 years of torment by an Instagram user. she disclosed the man’s ongoing harassment, which escalated to sending explicit videos and content. The man pursued her to the UK, where he was apprehended, but later evaded court by fleeing the country.