Malaysian photographer shares her harrowing experience of being harassed and stalked by an IG user for eight years

Malaysian photographer shares her harrowing experience of being harassed and stalked by an IG user for eight years

MALAYSIA — After enduring eight years of harassment and stalking by an Instagram user, a female photographer decided to take a stand and expose the matter on social media.

Acacia Diana, a Malaysian photographer, bravely shed light on the disturbing incidents that have plagued her life.

In a series of Instagram posts on Wednesday (12 Jul), accompanied by several IG stories, she recounted the relentless torment she has endured at the hands of her stalker.

“Hi everyone. I am so tired and angry and malas to layan (dealing) this Shafiq Rosli person anymore, ” She called out the man’s Instagram profile, urging anyone who knows him and his family in real life to help him overcome his disturbing behavior.

Ms. Diana revealed that Shafiq had been harassing her for years. This year, he escalated by sending her masturbation videos and explicit content.

To make matters worse, Safiq Rosli even pursued her to the United Kingdom, where he was eventually apprehended by the local authorities.

However, Ms. Diana expressed her disappointment that the man managed to escape his court appearance by fleeing the country.

Disturbingly, his recent reappearance this week has reignited the distressing cycle of harassment.

“Today I am really done staying patient about this. I have seen his penis too many times. He should not be allowed to exist like this in society.”

Adding insult to injury, Safiq had the audacity to text her after she exposed the matter, delusional enough to believe they were in a relationship and that Ms. Diana was “surrounded by bad people.”

“He knows this ‘virality’ may pass and he will continue harassing my life with his screwed-up convictions. His level of insane delusion… you guys have no idea. ”

Ms. Diana emphasized that the harassment had been ongoing for years, and she documented evidence dating back to 2016.

As a result of Safiq Rosli’s relentless harassment, the photographer deactivated her Twitter account. Nevertheless, she encouraged others to share her story on that platform.

In her plea, she directly appealed to the Malaysian Royal Police (@pdrmsia_official) and Safiq Rosli’s family, urging them to hold him accountable for his actions.

She demanded his arrest on charges of sexual harassment and implored them to ensure he undergoes psychiatric evaluation and receives the necessary treatment.

Netizens express solidarity with Ms. Diana

Netizens flooded the comment section with words of encouragement for Ms. Diana, while also urging Malaysian authorities to take immediate action and thoroughly investigate the matter.

One netizen took it a step further by utilising hashtags, including those of Malaysian authorities and Ministers, such as Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, in hopes of grabbing their attention and seeking assistance for Ms. Diana.

In response to Ms. Diana’s Instagram post, Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil showed his concern. He requested further details and the police report number pertaining to the case so that his ministry could follow up on the matter.

Malaysian amendments to the Penal Code criminalize physical and online stalking

In March 2023, the Malaysian Parliament passed significant amendments to the Penal Code, which now classifies both physical and online stalking as criminal acts.

The newly introduced Section 507A specifically addresses the offense of stalking, stating that anyone who engages in repeated acts of harassment, with the intention to cause distress, fear, or alarm to another person’s safety, is committing an offense.

Upon conviction, the offense carries a maximum penalty of up to three years of imprisonment, a fine, or both.

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