Tech titans promise watermarks to expose AI creations

OpenAI and other AI companies commit to safer technology with watermarks on AI-generated images. White House supports responsible AI development amid concerns of fraud and misinformation.

Google testing AI news writing tool

Google collaborates with news publishers to develop an AI-powered tool, called Genesis, to assist journalists with reporting and writing. The tool is not intended to replace journalists but to serve as a co-pilot, offering headline and writing style options.

Hun Sen Facebook page reactivated days before Cambodia polls

Cambodian leader Hun Sen’s Facebook page reactivated before a controversial election after threats to ban the platform. The page, with 14 million followers, will be managed by an official.

MacPaw’s new cybersecurity division, Moonlock, bolsters CleanMyMac X’s anti-malware capabilities

Ukraine-based software powerhouse, MacPaw announces the launch of Moonlock, a dedicated cybersecurity division. The first innovation from Moonlock is the Moonlock Engine, significantly enhancing the malware removal capabilities in MacPaw’s flagship product, CleanMyMac X, bridging the gap in Mac users’ cybersecurity knowledge and protection needs.

Netflix adds 6 mn subscribers after password crackdown

Netflix gained nearly 6 million subscribers after cracking down on password sharing, totaling 238 million subscribers and US$1.5 billion profit. As a writers and actors strike hits the industry, Netflix is better positioned to weather the storm. However, revenue was lower than expected, leading to an 8% drop in shares.

UN chief warns of AI risks to global peace

UN Secretary-General warns of AI’s risks to global peace and security, calls for regulations and human control over lethal autonomous weapons.

Norway threatens US$100,000 daily fine on Meta over data

Norway’s data protection agency has announced a ban on Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, from using user data for targeted advertising, with the threat of a daily fine of US$100,000. European scrutiny of big tech’s privacy practices continues to increase.

Singaporean doctor continues to encounter unauthorised charges despite 3 credit card replacements

A Singaporean doctor experienced unauthorised charges exceeding $3,600, including four transactions to AirAsia, despite her efforts to block and replace her credit card. The case adds to the growing instances of fraudulent card usage, highlighting concerns among cardholders and leading to a warning from the Singapore Police Force about similar scams.

Anwar Ibrahim holds virtual meeting with SpaceX founder and CEO, Elon Musk

Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, engaged in a virtual meeting with SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on Friday (14 Jul) morning, discussing clean energy initiatives and the potential contribution of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite service to enhance internet connectivity in rural areas.

US regulator investigating ChatGPT over bad content

OpenAI is under investigation by the FTC over concerns of generating false information and mishandling user data.