MacPaw’s new cybersecurity division, Moonlock, bolsters CleanMyMac X’s anti-malware capabilities

MacPaw’s new cybersecurity division, Moonlock, bolsters CleanMyMac X’s anti-malware capabilities

MacPaw, the Ukraine-based software powerhouse responsible for CleanMyMac X and other renowned macOS and iOS software, announced the launch of its latest division, Moonlock.

This new cybersecurity division is a testament to MacPaw’s commitment to the digital safety of users, leveraging their 15 years of expertise with macOS to address rising cybersecurity threats.

The debut technology from Moonlock is the Moonlock Engine, an integral feature of CleanMyMac X’s Malware Removal tool. MacPaw’s flagship product, CleanMyMac X, is an advanced clean-up app downloaded over 30 million times, providing users with a comprehensive tool for boosting and securing their Macs.

The addition of Moonlock Engine significantly enhances the software’s capability to protect against malware, adware, and other cyber threats.

Contrary to popular belief among Mac users, malware on macOS is a real concern.

The Mac Security Survey reveals that 57% of Mac users believe, or at least do not refute, the statement “Malware does not exist on macOS.” However, the reality paints a different picture: over half of the Mac users have personally experienced malware, account hacking, or scams.

Addressing this glaring cybersecurity knowledge gap, Moonlock is set to deliver easy-to-use cybersecurity products and reliable information about Mac security. “Driven by our vision of a world where everyone is seamlessly protected by technology, we are committed to safeguarding the Mac user community,” says Oleg Stukalenko, Lead Product Manager at Moonlock.

The Moonlock Engine brings considerable improvements to CleanMyMac X’s Malware Removal tool, including malware scans that run up to 2 times faster, coverage of additional locations such as external drives and browser extensions, and customizable scan configurations.

With cybersecurity threats on the rise, Mac users’ concerns about digital safety have amplified. A staggering 52% of Mac users express a desire for expert advice on online security. To meet this need, Moonlock is stepping up, providing resources and sharing expertise on

MacPaw continues its dedication to user safety and product innovation, with Moonlock representing the latest stride in their commitment. With one in every five Macs worldwide boasting at least one MacPaw app, the launch of Moonlock reinforces MacPaw’s role as a leading light in the digital safety realm.

Experience the enhanced CleanMyMac X with upgraded Malware Removal, powered by the Moonlock Engine, by downloading it here.

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