UOB funds Malaysia company that is said to be destroying Mulu rainforest for palm oil plantations; indigenous communities plea to stop the move as it’s their land

In a move to cater the needs for Western consumers, Mulu Rainforest in Sarawak is being destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations, and this project is funded by Singapore’s United Overseas Bank (UOB). This news came to light after a documentary titled “The Mulu Land Grab” by Bruno Manser Fonds, a Swiss NGO promoting forest conservation and the …

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Singaporean households find recycling regularly convenient but can’t differentiate between waste, ‘recyclable’ and ‘reusable’

In a joint statement by the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) and the National Environment Agency (NEA) on Monday (29 April), two separate surveys conducted by the authorities reported that about 6 in 10 Singaporean households recycle regularly, mostly through the blue recycling bins located around the neighbourhoods. The surveys covered different aspects of household recycling between …

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Crawling to extinction: Singapore turtle haven fights for life

PICTURES AND VIDEO BY THEODORE LIM by Theodore Lim Hundreds of turtles and tortoises, including rare and endangered species, face an uncertain future after their Singapore sanctuary — a Guinness World Record holder — was forced to relocate due to government redevelopment plans. At its peak, around 1,000 of the creatures were housed at The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum, …

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A distraught caregiver and her lost cats

by Kirsten Han It’s late on a Friday night, close to closing time for most of the shops and restaurants in the area. Outside the Harbourfront Centre, a video is still playing on the big screen at the Singapore Heritage Festival, but the stalls have already begun winding down and packing up. Double-decker buses are roaring up the road to …

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New report suggests that Singaporeans agree climate change is a major concern but do not feel they can make a difference

A new report on the Singapore public’s opinion on climate change shows that the vast majority of Singaporeans understand that manmade climate change is an urgent and serious matter, and they feel a strong responsibility to act. The public research report, commissioned by NGO Climate Conversations and carried out by Singapore-based consumer research firm Milieu Insight, surveyed over 3000 Singaporeans …

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NEA to consider implementing ‘pay-as-you-throw’ system to reduce domestic waste; netizens appalled by ‘rubbish’ proposal

HDB residents may expect having to “pay” as they “throw” in the future, following the National Environment Agency (NEA)’s plans to introduce the tracking of domestic waste for each household via radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in bin chutes in HDB estates. The Straits Times quoted NEA official Cheang Kok Chung as saying that the NEA is currently “working on …

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