Singapore hangs 14th drug convict since last year

Singapore executed Mohd Aziz bin Hussain, convicted of drug trafficking, amid a resumption of executions in 2022. Another woman prisoner, Saridewi Djamani, faces execution. Amnesty International urged Singapore to halt the executions, questioning the deterrent effect of the death penalty.

Singapore to execute first woman in nearly 20 years: rights groups

Singapore set to execute two drug convicts, including first woman in 20 years, despite rights groups’ calls to stop.

Tech titans promise watermarks to expose AI creations

OpenAI and other AI companies commit to safer technology with watermarks on AI-generated images. White House supports responsible AI development amid concerns of fraud and misinformation.

One dead, three injured in Seoul stabbing rampage: police

One killed, three wounded in stabbing rampage near Seoul subway station. Suspect in custody; motive under investigation. Rare incident alarms South Korea, known for low crime rate.

Marcos says Philippines is ‘done talking’ with ICC

President Ferdinand Marcos announced that the Philippines will no longer cooperate with the International Criminal Court’s probe into the drug war, asserting that the alleged crimes should be handled domestically. The ICC resumed its inquiry despite the country’s withdrawal in 2019. Thousands have died in the anti-narcotics campaign under both Duterte and Marcos’ administrations.

Top rice supplier India bans some exports

India, the world’s largest rice exporter, bans non-basmati white rice exports to ensure domestic availability and tackle rising prices amid global food crises, potentially impacting rice-dependent nations.

‘Victory day’: Cambodia heir leads final rally ahead of one-sided election

Cambodian leader Hun Sen’s son and chosen successor, Hun Manet, held a final rally ahead of the one-sided elections. Critics condemn the lack of credible opposition, ensuring a majority win for the ruling party. Supporters back Hun Manet’s leadership, but analysts doubt significant changes under his rule.

Thai reformist party to back rival after PM vote defeat

Thailand’s reformist party, Move Forward Party (MFP), will support a rival candidate from Pheu Thai for prime minister after MFP’s leader was blocked by the military and pro-royalist establishment. MFP’s focus is on restoring civilian government and democracy.

July likely to be warmest month on record: NASA scientist

July 2023 is set to become the hottest month in centuries, with unprecedented heatwaves worldwide and record-breaking sea surface temperatures, largely attributed to greenhouse gas emissions, warns NASA climatologist Gavin Schmidt.

Conspiracy, obstruction, fraud: the potential charges facing Trump

Former US President Donald Trump faces potential charges, including conspiracy to defraud, obstruction of an official proceeding, and deprivation of rights, as the investigation into his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election nears completion. Trump expects to be arrested and indicted soon.