Woman says reactionary response from public over NUS sexual misconduct case shows how internet can be a scary place

The recent revelation of a sexual misconduct incident involving two National University of Singapore (NUS) students has yielded varying public reactions across the board. Many have come out in support of the victim, Monica Baey, and are demanding for a harsher punishment to be meted out to the offender. Others are calling into question the disciplinary framework of the University …

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Former NUS student who fought 12-year legal battle against University questions former Vice-Provost’s presence on the NUS Review Committee on Sexual Misconduct

Former National University of Singapore (NUS) student Jeanne-Marie Ten Leu Jiun, whose candidature for the degree of Master of Arts in Architecture by research at the School of Design and Environment was terminated by the University in Sep 2006, has questioned former National University of Singapore (NUS) Vice-Provost Lily Kong’s presence in the NUS Review Committee on Sexual Misconduct, which was …

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Monica Baey’s exposé of Nicholas Lim’s voyeuristic act at Eusoff Hall bathroom may raise concerns under POHA, POFMA: Lawyers

Amid the controversy surrounding 23-year-old National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduate Monica Baey’s exposure of fellow student Nicholas Lim Jun Kai’s identity as the perpetrator of a voyeuristic act – of which she was a victim – via a series of Instagram Stories recently, lawyers have raised concerns as to whether Ms Baey’s exposé would constitute an offence in itself …

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The Elephant in the Room – The Question of Prosecutorial Discretion

by M Ravi, international human rights lawyer The headlines in recent days have been dominated by the ‘Monica Baey saga’ – the focus in particular on the inadequacy of actions in handling cases of sexual misconduct in an educational establishment such as NUS. One of the more prevalent but seemingly mysterious issues raised was the failure of the Attorney-General to …

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A brave new world as students rekindle the real kampong spirit of Singapore

by Joseph Nathan There was a time when chivalry would have saved damsels in distress but the concept of being a gentleman in Singapore has somewhat been trivialized and seen as self-discrimination, and was replaced with onerous legal recourse and prescriptive-books. Instead of socially correcting a social wrong and nipping the issue at the bud, contentious legal recourse and new …

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Too many people who have had their futures ruined because the police chose to ruin their futures, because the PAP govt chose to ruin them

by Roy Ngerng Yi Ling In defending the man who filmed a female student while she was showering, the Singapore police said: “A prosecution, with a possible jail sentence, will likely ruin his entire future.” When the Prime Minister sued me, did the government think about how it would “ruin my entire future”? When the hospital I worked at fired …

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