ESM Goh on Chan’s ability: “One swallow does not a summer make”

The Middle East Institute (MEI) at NUS organized its annual conference on Mon (11 Feb). MEI is an autonomous research institute within NUS, set up to advance understanding of the Middle East, and to deepen engagements between the Middle East and Asia. It aims to provide reasoned views to scholars, students, policymakers, businesses and the public through publications, lectures, consultations …

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Clean Up Your Own Backyard Before Pointing the Finger At “Foreign Interference”

Senior Minister of State for Law Edwin Tong (Tong) has said that Singapore will consider new laws to counter foreign interference, as it is “especially vulnerable” to these exploits to stir up distrust and undermine its democratic processes.  It is imperative to remember that as these sentiments are aired by Tong, the Singapore government is in the midst of controversies …

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The government has shifted gear, now dismissing criticism with two magical words, “I Reject”

Less than a week ago, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat addressed widespread criticism that complacency has set in, leading to lapse after lapse by government agencies. “I reject the suggestion by some that the political leadership has allowed the  whole system to go slack,” he said. His ‘rejection” was headlined by the mainstream media. Yesterday, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong, …

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