“All Singaporeans should stand united against a real national threat, but this is a politized dispute that is being blown out of all proportion”

by Brad Bowyer Never before in 34 years have I seen a 1-week Island wide live firing exercise involving all our services. There is nothing “routine” about it and certainly has nothing to do with any “National Day Parade” rehearsal as claimed given its scope and timing. This is extremely dangerous posturing and leaves plenty of time and room for …

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Chan warns Malaysia: Risk of escalation cannot be underestimated

Former Army Chief and 2nd Assistant Secretary-General of PAP Chan Chun Sing warned that the "risk of escalation cannot be underestimated" regarding the recent incursion by Malaysian vessels in Singapore waters. Speaking to reporters at a community event yesterday (8 Dec), Chan urged all parties to revert to the "pre-Oct 25 status quo ante for things to calm down". This …

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TODAY Online article reproduced on Malay Mail regarding contemporary bilateral disputes deemed “biased” by Malaysian netizens

An article detailing the timeline of bilateral disputes between Singapore and Malaysia titled "Why the Singapore-Malaysia maritime and airspace disputes matter" has received flak from Malaysian netizens for its alleged bias towards Singapore and its poor representation of the current Malaysian administration. The article, which was originally published on Singapore's TODAY Online and reproduced on Malaysia's Malay Mail, made the …

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