Jokowi’s admission of political interference in 2024 election sparks controversy and impeachment concerns

Indonesian President Joko Widodo, also known as Jokowi, recently admitted to intervening in the country’s political affairs ahead of the 2024 Election. He defended his actions, arguing they were lawful and aimed at ensuring a smooth electoral process for the sake of national interests. However, constitutional law experts argue that Jokowi’s interference could be construed as a misuse of state resources, violating electoral laws and potentially amounting to grounds for impeachment.

President Jokowi and Megawati Soekarnoputri reaffirm solidarity at PDI-P national working meeting

The public display of solidarity between President Jokowi and Megawati Soekarnoputri dispelled rumors of a strained relationship as they expressed full support for PDI-P candidate Ganjar Pranowo. Speculation had suggested Jokowi’s preference for another candidate, but their united front at the PDI-P National Working Meeting showcased solidarity and commitment.

Shocking case of child sexual abuse unveiled in Parigi Moutong, Central Sulawesi

A 15-year-old girl in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, fell victim to a series of sexual abuses by 11 men, including authority figures. The suspects enticed the victim with money, clothes, and phones. Incidents occurred from April 2022 to January 2023, and suspects were from varied backgrounds. The victim’s health has critically deteriorated, with her psychological trauma further aggravated by her physical condition. Indonesian Police is continuing its investigations as calls for justice mount. The victim’s father rejected offers for reconciliation and compensation from the perpetrators’ families.

Indonesian government showcases archipelago capital development to Singaporean investors

The Indonesian government welcomed Singaporean officials and 130 businessmen to visit the Archipelago Capital (IKN) construction site. The visit aimed to showcase the progress of IKN and attract investors to participate in the development of the new capital city. Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, personally guided the delegation and emphasized IKN’s investment potential. The government is actively acquiring land in various areas of IKN, and two meetings are scheduled to further discuss investment opportunities. The visit builds upon the commitment made during the “Leaders Retreat” between President Joko Widodo and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. The IKN Authority and Singapore’s Center for Livable Cities have signed an agreement to develop a sustainable and livable city within IKN. The visit has generated interest from Singaporean entrepreneurs, and progress on IKN construction is at approximately 29 per cent.

LGBTQ activists condemn Japan’s ‘meaningless’ equality bill

Critics argue that a new equality bill submitted to Japan’s parliament is a “meaningless gesture” as lawmakers diluted its language. LGBTQ activists claim the bill fails to address discrimination adequately, while conservative politicians fear it could deepen divisions or lead to malicious lawsuits. The bill’s revisions, including changes regarding transgender discrimination, have faced significant opposition, raising doubts about its eventual debate and passage. Japan remains the only G7 country without recognition of same-sex unions and lacks specific anti-LGBTQ discrimination laws. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has faced pressure to enhance legal protections ahead of the G7 summit.

Indonesian TikToker criticizes Lampung Province’s governance, receives backlash and family harassment

Awbimax Reborn, a TikToker and university student in Australia, criticized the infrastructure, education, governance, and over-reliance on agriculture in Lampung Province, Indonesia. His recent video drew attention and controversy as it went viral, and allegedly, he faced intimidation from local authorities as a result.

Grab plans to increase platform fee per ride to S$0.70 to combat driver shortage

Grab plans to increase its platform fee per ride to S$0.70 from S$0.30, effective from 5 May. The move aims to combat the driver shortage in Singapore’s ride-hailing sector by supporting new driver recruitment initiatives and technology-driven features. Grab also reintroduced GrabShare, enabling two passengers traveling in the same direction to share a ride and receive reduced fares. However, some customers expressed discontent over the price hike, citing poor rider performance and opting for other ride-hailing platforms.

Viral video shows heated argument between female doctor and visitor at Medan hospital

A video of a young female apprentice doctor engaged in a heated argument with a hospital visitor has gone viral in Indonesia. The video captures the apprentice allegedly dragging the visitor out of her car and beating her. According to Edison Perangin Angin, the Public Relations Officer of Pirngadi Medan Hospital, the altercation reportedly arose due to a misunderstanding between the two parties while they were in the hospital’s parking lot.

Singapore sees surge in COVID-19 cases as it transitions into endemic phase

Singapore is experiencing a significant rise in COVID-19 cases due to XBB subvariants as it transitions into the endemic phase. The Ministry of Health expects periodic waves of new infections. Clinics are seeing a twofold increase in patient load, with mild cases being treated symptomatically. While there has been a steady increase in new COVID-19 hospitalizations, there has been a decrease in ICU admissions.

Husband charged after pregnant wife and infant found dead in sugarcane field in East Java

Woman and infant remains were found in a sugarcane field in Kediri, East Java. It was discovered that the victim, Retno Wulandari, was pregnant and was killed by her husband, Bisri Musthofa. Bisri suspected Retno of cheating and threw her off the motorcycle. The perpetrator admitted his actions and was detained and charged with multiple offenses carrying a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.