Netizens call for Commission of Inquiry into death of Sergeant Uvaraja: Racial discrimination, bullying, and corruption alleged

In the wake of Sgt Uvaraja S/0 Gopal’s death, many online users have called for an independent investigation on Minister K Shanmugam’s Facebook page into his accusations of workplace discrimination, bullying, and corruption within Singapore Police Force. Public criticism swells as dissatisfaction with the Internal Affairs Office’s (IAO) lack of transparency and accountability becomes apparent. Meanwhile, the removed Facebook post that had raised critical questions about SPF’s work culture intensifies the calls for a robust, independent inquiry.

Shin Min’s report on former WP MP Leon Perera draws criticism for intrusiveness and lack of empathy

A Shin Min Daily News reporter wrote a report after having visited Mr Leon Perera’s home after the WP press conference on Wednesday, triggering netizens’ ridicule for selective reporting. Critics question the Chinese media outlet’s lack of empathy towards the resigning MP’s family during a sensitive time and why they are not covering the MPs from the People’s Action Party as well.

Redditors praises Nicole Seah’s resignation letter as ‘most sincere’ compared to Cheng Li Hui’s 3-paragraph letter

A Reddit discussion compared the sincerity of former WP MP, Ms Seah’s resignation letter with former PAP member Ms Cheng’s three-paragraph letter. Despite some support for Ms Cheng’s approach, the prevailing sentiment was that the recent blowout likely marks the end of both politicians’ political careers.

Lim Tean urges PM Lee to call for election as more PAP scandals unfold

Amid a series of scandals engulfing the ruling party, Lim Tean, leader of the People’s Voice party, urges PM Lee to dissolve parliament and call for an election, emphasizing that a party in such a state is unfit to govern. He sees these developments as a significant lapse in PM Lee’s judgment.

Application of POFMA faces criticism for overlooking alleged SLA falsehoods amidst ministerial bungalow rental controversy

Law practitioner Mr. Yeoh Lian Chuan highlighted the uncorrected falsehoods within SLA’s 12 May statement, and Andrew Loh, co-founder of The Online Citizen, criticized these “factually false” claims, questioning POFMA’s selective enforcement. “Yet the Pofma Office does nothing about SLA’s falsehood, and instead goes after others.”

Jamus Lim receives praise for gracious acceptance of Speaker of Parliament’s apology over derogatory remark

Speaker of Parliament, Tan Chuan-Jin, apologizes for offensive remarks towards MP Jamus Lim, who graciously accepts. Netizens praise Lim’s magnanimity, citing his response as indicative of his emotional intelligence and genuine leadership qualities.

2021 study revealing that 75 percent of Malaysian teenagers engage in porn has taken the internet by storm

A social media post on a 2021 Malaysian study that reveals 75% of teens view pornography got Malaysian netizens exploding with mixed responses.

Public questions arise over the Ridout Road saga involving two Singaporean ministers

In response to TOC’s request, an array of public questions concerning the rental of two state properties on Ridout Road by Ministers K Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan has been compiled. These inquiries delve into topics like rental costs, renovations, environmental impact, and ethical considerations.

73-year-old Singaporean driver work hard to ease his children’s burden, despite envying elderly in other countries

Jeffery Khoo of the Progress Singapore Party shared an encounter with an elderly private hire driver, highlighting the struggles faced by elderly Singaporeans who work to make ends meet. Netizens called for improved retirement support, noting the high cost of living and financial constraints faced by many. The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy survey found that older Singaporeans would need S$1,379 per month to meet basic needs.

Dedicated Singaporean Swiftie appeals to PM Lee, urging for school holidays on Taylor Swift’s concert ticket sale date

The announcement of Taylor Swift’s upcoming performances in Singapore for three consecutive days in March 2024 has ignited excitement among Singaporean fans. A passionate Swiftie took the initiative to reach out to ministers, appealing for a school holiday on the concert ticket sale date. In her appeal to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the Swiftie amusingly stated, “PM, I know you’re secretly a Swiftie too, please.” Responding to the calls, Minister Chan Chun Sing amusingly proposed an alternative solution: he asked if any creative and enterprising Swifties could invite Taylor Swift or any other A-list artists to perform at their school, free of charge. “In that case, we could consider declaring a school holiday. This way, everyone can enjoy this inclusive concert! ”