Indonesian TikToker criticizes Lampung Province’s governance, receives backlash and family harassment

Indonesian TikToker criticizes Lampung Province’s governance, receives backlash and family harassment

LAMPUNG, INDONESIA — Bima Yudho, also known as Awbimax Reborn, has become a popular discussion topic, following the circulation of his TikTok video, where he criticized the Lampung Province.

The TikToker, currently enrolled in a university in Australia, presented the aspects of Lampung Province that, in his opinion, are not advancing.

Within the duration of the three-minute video, Bima presents four arguments in regard to his grievances concerning Lampung.

“The initial factor pertains to the inadequate infrastructure. There are various government initiatives in Lampung that have been suspended. For instance, Kota Baru, which has not been reported on since my early schooling days up until now,” Bima stated on his TikTok page.

Bima remarked that a substantial amount of funding from the federal administration was allocated to establish the Kota Baru. However, in actuality, the plans for the project were deserted, causing significant uncertainty.

A notable aspect of the criticism towards the infrastructure in Lampung is the condition of the roads. The roads in Lampung are believed to never be even, despite the fact that they are the most crucial factor in driving the economic development of an area.

Bima also mentioned the subject of transportation in Lampung. “Indeed, I frequently bring up the topic of roads since they are the most prevalent infrastructure in Lampung that facilitates economic movement. However, the state of the roads in Lampung is quite peculiar, where a kilometre is in good condition, the next kilometre is damaged, and the only remedy is to use adhesive tape to fix it,” he stated.

Regarding the second topic, Bima addressed concerns regarding the education system in Lampung City. One of the issues he highlighted was the prevalence of cheating in the enrollment of new students.

“I am not implying that Lampung lacks intelligent individuals. Lampung is home to many talented people, including various ministers such as Erick Thohir, Sri Mulyani, and, if I recall correctly, there is a Minister of Agriculture from Lampung whose name I have forgotten,” remarked Bima.

Bima continued by stating, “However, there are extensive incidents of cheating within the student selection process in Lampung. What is even more concerning is that those who partake in such activities include individuals who are employed in the education field, including professors enrolling their children and rectors enlisting their nephews. What kind of practice is this?”

Furthermore, it is common practice in Lampung to distribute the answer key for the National Examination (UN) before it commences, along with several other similar issues.

The third point raised by Bima pertained to weak governance in Lampung, which includes several shortcomings such as corruption, unproductive bureaucracy, lack of law enforcement, and entrenched bribery.

Regarding the fourth and final point, Bima hinted towards Lampung’s excessive reliance on the agricultural sector.

Bima referred to Lampung as one of the provinces that extensively produces agricultural commodities, such as corn and sticky rice, with its contribution exceeding 40%, as supported by Bank Indonesia’s (BI) data.

However, Bima argued that the agricultural sector is too susceptible to be the mainstay of Lampung’s economy. The prices of agricultural products are exceedingly unpredictable, making it arduous for the people of Lampung to enhance their economic well-being.

“This sector is quite vulnerable and fluctuates frequently. It cannot provide stability, and those at the centre determine the prices. It experiences constant fluctuations,” expressed Bima.

Bima recently expressed his frustration over how authorities visited his family in Lampung. The police had visited his mother and asked for Bima’s diploma and debit card number.

“Today, my family was intervened and they were being profiled,” Bima wrote on his Instagram on Friday (14 April).

“They were trying to find my mistakes and coercing me into staying silent about the corruption that prevails,” Bima added.

Bima shared that the Regent of East Lampung called his father and asked him to stop Bima from creating content that criticizes Lampung Province.

Bima also revealed that the police came to his house in Lampung and asked his parents for his diploma and questioned his career aspirations.

Feeling threatened, Bima then considered seeking protection from Australia, a country that is more open to criticism and not limited to a single group.

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