Government to take over optional ElderShield from 2021 after compulsory CareShield kicks in

The administration of the ElderShield scheme will be taken over by the Government in 2021 as the Ministry of Health (MOH) reached agreement with the ElderShield insurers. In a press release on Monday (7 January), the ministry stated that the move will allow ElderShield policyholders to upgrade to CareShield Life more smoothly, and benefit from improvements to the claims assessment process …

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Award-winning graphic novelist Sonny Liew baffles on how MediShield Life derives its payout for a patient’s surgical bill

Award-winning comic artist Sonny Liew recently expressed his confusion on his Facebook page (31 December) over how MediShield Life only paid S$4.50 for an elderly man’s S$4, 477 post-subsidy bill. Mr Liew’s post was in response to an article published by The Straits Times on how the national insurance only paid Mr Seow Ban Yam S$4.50 for his cataract operation, …

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The need to look at the use of alternative tobacco products to quit smoking


It is 2018 and humankind still finds itself unable to rid itself of the smoking habit it had started many centuries ago. Once the major sponsors of famous sporting events like football, smoking is now relegated to the sidelines as an unhealthy and unglamorous habit. The struggle to eliminate smoking is a universal one and more pronounced in Asia where …

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IMH study shows 1 in every 7 residents of Singapore experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime; more than 75% interviewed had not sought proper medical help

The Institute of Mental Health, Singapore had just released the findings of its Second Mental Health Study (SMHS) and based on its results, 1 in every 7 residents of Singapore has experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime. The nationwide study had begun in 2016 and was based on a sample size of about 6,126 participants selected from 15,900 random …

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