Renowned Hong Kong-American singer Coco Lee passed away at 48

Renowned Hong Kong-American singer Coco Lee passed away at 48

Renowned Hong Kong-American singer Coco Lee, aged 48, has tragically passed away.

The news was shared by her sister, Nancy Lee, in a Facebook statement on Wednesday (5 Jul) evening.

According to Nancy, Coco had been battling depression for several years, and her condition deteriorated rapidly, leading to her decision to take her own life at her residence on 2 July.

Despite the diligent efforts of the medical team to revive her, Coco remained in a coma until her passing on Wednesday.

Multiple Chinese media outlets in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China have also reported on the sad news of Coco’s demise.

Nancy reflected on the significance of the year 2023, which would have marked Coco’s 30th anniversary in the music industry.

“Over the past 29 years, she not only brought us endless joy and surprises through her powerful songs and captivating performances but also worked tirelessly to pave a new path for Chinese singers in the international music scene. ”

“She consistently shone brightly, making us proud.” Nancy wrote in the post.

“As CoCo’s family, we are immensely grateful and honored to have such an exceptional and outstanding sister.”

She firmly believed that fate would bestow the finest arrangements upon Coco, and emphasized that their foremost responsibility now lies in caring for their elderly mother.

Nancy concluded the post by extending heartfelt appreciation to the medical staff who displayed unwavering dedication in their efforts to save and care for Coco.

“We hope that in addition to remembering CoCo, you will also share her radiant smile, sincere interactions with others, and spread kindness and love to everyone around you. Let us continue CoCo’s wish – to make everyone around her feel her love and happiness.”


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