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High net worth individuals and companies begin relocating assets from Hong Kong to Singapore following unrest over extradition Bill

As the political storm unfolds between the government of Hong Kong and the city’s denizens – particularly members of civil society – over the former’s divisive extradition Bill, the mega-wealthy are moving their assets elsewhere, including to Singapore. Financial Times reported Thu (20 Jun) that according to an executive vice-president from the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), Hong Kong’s Securities and …

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Changi Airport shuts a runway after spotting drone

After sighting an unauthorised drone at the vicinity of Changi Airport, a runway was forced to shut intermittently for about 10 hours, said the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) on Wednesday (19 June). “To ensure the safety of aircraft operations and passengers, the operations of one runway were suspended for short periods of time between 11 pm and Jun …

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Former MediaCorp editor appointed as press secretary for DPM Heng Swee Keat

A former MediaCorp editor has been appointed as the press secretary for Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat. Farah Abdul Rahim previously worked as a senior broadcast journalist at MediaCorp for 7 years starting in 1999 before a two year stint as Account Director at Hill & Knowlton. According to her LinkedIn profile, Ms Rahim then entered public service between …

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Hong Kong university students continue pushing back against extradition Bill, possible escalation via protest on Fri

Tensions in Hong Kong flare as university students warn of escalating protests against the controversial extradition Bill tomorrow (21 Jun), in the event that the city’s government refuses to concede to their demands by today (20 Jun). South China Morning Post reported on Wed (19 Jun) that the university students have also, in addition to the full withdrawal of the …

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Osman Sulaiman: Nothing to be thankful about Singapore’s “Malay” president

Khan Osman Sulaiman, a businessman and former Reform Party candidate in the General Election 2015, took to his Facebook yesterday (19 June) to unveil his intense conversation that he had with his friend when the latter told him that the Malays should be ‘grateful’ that the country has a Malay president. His friend pointed out that the Government actually considered …

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Mothership labels Singaporean activist as ‘foreign influence’ for his comments on Hong Kong – he calls them out for their double standards

After sharing his thoughts on the protests in Hong Kong and noting how Singaporean’s should not only support the people there but also be inspired by them, Roy Ngerng was described by Mothership.sg as a ‘foreign influence’. Specifically, in an article detailing Mr Ngerng’s original post the website used the phrase: “This is some next level foreign-influence-ception” when talking about …

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