Malaysian lawyer sues BLACKPINK’s concert organiser for up to RM1m over “non-existing” seat

Malaysian lawyer sues BLACKPINK’s concert organiser for up to RM1m over “non-existing” seat

MALAYSIA — Nas Rahman, a Malaysian lawyer decided to sue Blackpink’s Born Pink World Tour concert organiser for up to RM1 million (223400 USD) over the sale of a “non-existing” seat to him.

The concert was held in National Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on 4 March, and Mr Rahman had bought tickets for seats number 36 and 37 in row G at section 207 of the stadium.

Stand or sit at the stairs for nearly 2 hours

Upon arriving at the concert, Mr Rahman was surprised to find that the seats in his row only went up to number 36.

Disappointed, he took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction, stating that he had to stand at the entrance or sit on the stairs for nearly two hours.

Two days later, he sent a letter of demand to the organiser, Go Live and Live Nation Malaysia, requesting a refund and compensation for the mishap.

On Wednesday (10 May), the lawyer shared an update on Twitter, stating that he was taking legal action after negotiations between him and the organizers fell through.

“After several rounds of negotiations, both parties failed to reach an agreement.”

“I don’t want to say much about it, so I have filed a lawsuit against Live Nation and Go Live in the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court, ” he said.

The range of his claim is between RM 100,000 to RM 1 million.

The lawyer explained why he decided to take legal action

In a recent TikTok video, Mr Rahman explained why he decided to take legal action.

Mr Rahman mentioned that after he sent the Letter of Demand to the concert organisers, they did reply and there were several rounds of negotiations, including a counter offer from them.

However, there were disagreements on both sides, which ultimately led him to proceed with the lawsuit.

He said that it is not about the amount he paid for the ticket (nearly RM 500 or approximately 111 USD), but it is about raising awareness about consumers rights and serve as lesson for these organisers.

“I hope that this lawsuit can provide some lessons for concert organizers, not just Live Nation, but other companies as well, so that in the future they can improve their services.”

“We have already bought tickets, but when we arrive at the concert, the seats are not there. How can this be allowed?”

Mr Rahman reiterated that the companies need to to improve the quality of their services and make sure that consumers get what they paid for.

He added that since the case is now in court, he will refrain from commenting further and only provide updates on the progress of the case, such as the management and full hearing dates.

“Let the court decide, winning or losing is not the point. What’s important is that we take action first.”


Kes Saman Penganjur Konsert Blackpink iaitu Live Nation dan Go Live. Ralat: no seat adalah 36 dan 37. #blackpink #konsert #livenation #golive #saman #seathilang

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