Terry Xu

Terry Xu is the Chief Editor of The Online Citizen. He's an engineer by training, a photographer by interest and a reporter by passion.

SMS exchange shows that CPG initiated termination of contract with AHTC

Records of SMS between CPG Facilities Management Services, General Manager, Jeffery Chua and Workers’ Party Chairman, Sylvia Lim, revealed that it was CPG which initiated the termination of the contract between the managing agent and the town council back in 2011 when WP took over the Aljunied Town Council after winning in the General Election 2011. During the hearing today …

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A lot about ministerial salary formula said by DPM but nothing about how much exactly the ministers got for their salaries

The question of the Ministerial Salary was brought up again in Parliament yesterday by Member of Parliament for Marsiling-YewTee GRC, Alex Yam Ziming and Non-Constituency Member of Parliament, Leon Perera. Mr Alex had asked if the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong whether he could list all the components of the salaries of the Ministers and state the amounts, in months of …

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New NMP clarifies misunderstanding over 2012 dishwasher fiasco

Back in 2012, Sakae Sushi founder Douglass Foo found himself in the spotlight after making a comment about the difficulties of finding a dishwasher even after offering a salary of S$3,000 per month. There was controversy about the details of the employment which led to an uproar from the public. When asked about this in an interview with The Online …

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NMPs do not dilute the idea of democracy: Impending NMP appointee Douglas Foo

Douglas Foo, the founder of Sakae Sushi, a multiple award-winning sushi chain in Singapore, spoke to TOC about his journey to success in the business world, and laid out his vision towards policymaking, in anticipation of his appointment as one of the nine new Nominated Members of Parliament (NMPs), which will take place on Monday (1 Oct). Mr Foo, who is …

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Singapore authorities have to explain blacklisting of Clare Rewcastle Brown

By Terry Xu Investigative reporter Clare Rewcastle Brown was briefly detained by immigration authorities in Singapore, according to Sarawak Report, the Malaysian news site which she founded. In a Facebook post that highlighted Rewcastle-Brown's detention, the Sarawak Report wrote, 'Clare was briefly detained in Singapore at 1AM last night after her book launch. Turns out 'someone' put her on the …

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45 members expelled by Co-op over for holding no-confidence EOGM, Registar from MCCY aware of circumstances but sides with “illegal” management committee.

45 members were expelled in June this year after an “Emergency General Meeting” EOGM called by 68 members was held on May 18 to remove the Board of Directors of the TRC Multi-Purpose CooperativeSociety Ltd (“Co-op). Only the 45 who voted were expelled but the remaining few who left the meeting earlier were not affected. This included the Chairman Mr Kalaichelvan, …

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13 bonus months for the Prime Minister in 2017? PM Lee skirts questions filed by WP NCMP Leon Perera about total bonus months paid to ministers

In a written reply to Workers' Party Non-Constituency Member of Parliament, Leon Perera, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong answered that the average Performance Bonus (PB), and the range of PB received by Political Office Holders of all grades in 2017, was 4.1 months. Sharing a table that showed the range of PB over the past five years : PM Lee wrote: The pay …

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K Shanmugam masterfully links photo and comment of Thum Ping Tjin as him inviting foreign politician to intervene in Singapore politics

Speaking on sidelines of a grassroots event on Sunday, Home Affairs and Law Minister, K Shanmugam made comments about historian Thum Ping Tjin and his meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, indirectly suggesting that Dr Thum had invited a foreign politician to intervene in Singapore's domestic politics. Just yesterday, Member of Parliament Seah Kian Peng published a Facebook post, alleging …

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