14 arrested in Johor Bahru brawl: Altercation allegedly triggered by student’s eraser throw

14 arrested in Johor Bahru brawl: Altercation allegedly triggered by student’s eraser throw

JOHOR, MALAYSIA — Recently, footage of a brawl involving a group of individuals in Malaysia circulated on social media.

A 28-second video went viral on Facebook and WhatsApp, showing a male using a helmet to hit another individual, while others kicked the victim’s face.

The victim curled on the ground while being kicked, and some shouted derogatory remarks like, “Stupid Chinese! You die! Dare to hit Malay!”

The brawl is said to have started when one student threw a pencil eraser at another student in school

The brawl reportedly began when a student threw a pencil eraser at another student in a secondary school in the Kempas area of Johor Bahru, leading to the altercation between them.

The incident escalated when one of the parties involved called individuals from outside the school to join the fight.

In fact, according to a statement by ACP Balveer Singh, the Chief of North Johor Bahru District Police on 25 May, the police had already dealt with these students and made several arrests.

Police investigation revealed that the incident originated from the dissatisfaction of a student who had been hit by an eraser thrown by a classmate on 23 May.

As a result, several school students required medical treatment at the hospital for head injuries, leg bruises, and hand wounds.

JB Police arrested 14 individuals so far

As of Tuesday (30 May), the Malaysian police have arrested a total of 14 individuals to assist in the investigation of the brawl in the Tampoi area of Johor Bahru that occurred last Saturday (27 May).

ACP Balveer Singh, stated that those arrested were locals, consisting of 13 men and one woman aged between 15 and 36 years old.

“The request for the remand of the two additional individuals who were arrested will be made tomorrow at the Johor Bahru Court,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

He emphasized that the police investigation is transparent and unwavering, conducted in accordance with existing laws, and advised the public not to engage in speculation that could cause confusion in the community.

Johor police denied involvement of secret societies in the incident

Earlier, the Johor Police Chief, Datuk Kamarul Zaman Mamat, stated that all those arrested were local residents aged between 17 and 35 years old.

“So far, only one person is still receiving treatment at the hospital due to several injuries,” Kamarul Zaman told the press on 30 May, as reported by Malaysian state news agency Bernama.

Kamarul Zaman refuted any involvement of secret societies in the incident. He emphasized that the investigation into the cause of the brawl is still ongoing, and he urged the public to refrain from engaging in speculations concerning the incident.


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