Viral video shows heated argument between female doctor and visitor at Medan hospital

Viral video shows heated argument between female doctor and visitor at Medan hospital

MEDAN, INDONESIA — A video depicting a young female apprentice doctor having a heated argument with a woman, believed to be a visitor to Dr Pirngadi Medan Regional General Hospital (RSUD), Jalan Prof HM Yamin Medan, on Monday (10/4/2023), has become viral in Indonesia.

In the video, the apprentice, who is wearing glasses and a doctor’s uniform, is seen standing next to a hospital visitor’s car, where the visitor accuses the doctor of being crazy for hitting their car.

The visitor continues to film the doctor’s actions while calling her out.

The apprentice approaches the left side of the car door where the visitor is seated and asserts that she is not afraid. However, in the next scene, the angry apprentice allegedly drags the visitor out of the car and beats her. The visitor shouts at the doctor, questioning her behaviour and what kind of doctor she is.

The driver then got out of the car to intervene in the argument, the young apprentice challenged him to settle the dispute at the local Health Office instead. She responded defiantly, saying “Come on, let’s take it to the Health Office, shall we.”

The man then scolded the doctor for her behaviour and reminded her that doctors should exhibit good character, saying, “As a doctor, you should show good behaviour. How could you hit people’s cars? You must have character, you are a doctor.”

The young apprentice’s anger escalated instead of calming down, and she even expressed a desire to hit the man. “What the hell. I have character, but don’t bother me,” she retorted.

The young female doctor involved in the incident was identified as Fladiniyah Puluhulawa.

According to Edison Perangin Angin, the Public Relations Officer of Pirngadi Medan Hospital, the altercation reportedly arose due to a misunderstanding between the two parties while they were in the hospital’s parking lot.

Perangin-angin stated that the commotion started when the car carrying the visitor honked repeatedly while the apprentice was about to park her car. However, he refuted any claims of a physical assault taking place during the incident.

He also mentioned that due to the severity of the incident, a joint meeting was held by his team, and the young doctor may face ethical sanctions if found guilty.

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