Marcos says Philippines is ‘done talking’ with ICC

President Ferdinand Marcos announced that the Philippines will no longer cooperate with the International Criminal Court’s probe into the drug war, asserting that the alleged crimes should be handled domestically. The ICC resumed its inquiry despite the country’s withdrawal in 2019. Thousands have died in the anti-narcotics campaign under both Duterte and Marcos’ administrations.

US slams Hong Kong bounties as ‘dangerous’ precedent

The US condemns Hong Kong’s bounties on democracy activists abroad, warning of dangerous precedent and human rights threats.

Broader national security law takes effect in Macau

Macau’s new national security law, similar to legislation in China and Hong Kong, imposes stricter restrictions on political opposition and civil society. The amendments broaden the definition of offenses, expand surveillance and detention powers, and allow extraterritorial jurisdiction for the police. Critics fear these measures will curtail liberties and rights, and potentially lead to arbitrary law enforcement. The amendments received unanimous support from Macau’s legislature and are separate from the national security clause added to the city’s gambling law

Hong Kong bans foreign lawyers from national security cases

Hong Kong has passed an amendment barring foreign lawyers from working on national security cases, with exceptions allowed only if approved by the city’s leader. This change is part of China’s efforts to suppress dissent in Hong Kong following the 2019 pro-democracy protests. Under the national security law, the participation of foreign lawyers is considered a “potential risk” to national security. The amendment arose from attempts to prevent prominent British rights lawyer Tim Owen from defending media tycoon Jimmy Lai, a democracy activist facing charges under the security law.

US due diligence firm says 5 Chinese staff in Beijing office detained

Chinese authorities have detained five employees of US due diligence firm Mintz Group’s Beijing office and closed its operations there. Mintz has retained legal counsel and requested the authorities release its employees, stating it operates transparently and ethically, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations in China. The firm specializes in conducting investigations into fraud, corruption and workplace misconduct allegations, as well as background checks.

Singaporean takes Malaysian IGP to court over alleged failure to investigate his unlawful detention in 2018

MALAYSIA —A retired Singaporean engineer, Wong Chun Khuen, has taken the Inspector-General of…

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