Viral video of monkey protecting toddler in Bali captivates and stirs debate among netizens

A viral video featuring a monkey protecting a toddler supposedly in Bali, Indonesia has sparked mixed reactions, with netizens debating the animal’s training and concerns about potential animal abuse. The video, gaining significant attention, prompted officials to investigate its authenticity and location of where it was shot.

Malaysian NGO appeals for help locating injured dog shot by BB gun

A Malaysian pet rescue NGO, KC Valley, is desperately searching for a lost dog named Changgang Boy, who escaped from a vet clinic. The dog, bearing 20 lodged BB gun bullets and infected wounds, requires urgent medical attention. The NGO has called on locals for assistance and urged donors to help meet escalating veterinary costs, estimated at RM9,000, for bullet removal, deworming, neutering, and transportation.

Malaysia, a living hell for dogs and their owners

Amidst widespread backlash, Malaysia’s dogcatching methods face scrutiny for their cruelty. Public incidents and social media expose harsh practices, leading to fatalities, and raising questions about the ethical treatment of animals.

Horse goes on job hunt? Motorists amused as horse wanders on BKE

A wandering horse on the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) on Saturday (8 Jul) amused road users. Speculations arose that the adventurous horse sought a new job after news of the Singapore Turf Club’s closure. A video on Facebook showed the horse galloping, causing vehicles to slow down until a Land Transport Authority (LTA) personnel intervened.

Namibia to cull 86,000 seals in annual sea hunt

Namibia initiates its controversial annual sea hunt this Saturday, targeting 86,000 Cape fur seals despite decreased global demand for seal products and escalating opposition from conservationists. The government argues the seal population threatens their fishing industry, a critical sector for Namibia’s economy.

Woman criticised hawker for serving customer with guide dog, contending “dogs are filthy’

A woman accused a hawker’s wife of neglecting to wash her hands after serving a visually-impaired customer with a guide dog. The woman allegedly told the hawker that “all dogs are filthy”. Shockingly, two days later, she affixed a printed screenshot of laws prohibiting dogs onto the cash register table at the hawker’s stall.

Volunteer rescues 2 cats in horrendous abandonment case; Tragic discovery of 3 feline skeletal remains

A distressing incident unfolded at Rental Block 6 Jalan Minyak, leaving the online cat-loving community shocked. After the tenant moved out, several pet cats were left locked inside cages, resulting in two severely emaciated cats and the skeletal remains of three others. Concerned members of the Facebook group “Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats” raised awareness about the situation. Authorities, including the police and volunteer rescuers, have responded to the case. The surviving cats were rescued, while the remains of the deceased cats were discovered inside a cage. The volunteer believes that the three cats had likely been dead for quite some time, possibly due to starvation leading to cannibalism.

Tragic collision: black panther fatally struck by vehicle in Jelebu, Malaysia

A tragic incident in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, resulted in the death of a black panther after being struck by a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) on the Seremban-Simpang Pertang Road. Witness videos captured the distressed panther attempting to escape after the collision. Despite efforts to reach safety, the injured panther succumbed to its injuries in a nearby drain before wildlife rescue could arrive.

Protected reticulated python brutally attacked and killed by group of individuals at Boon Lay Place market

The Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) is appealing for eyewitnesses and information regarding a group of individuals who attacked a protected Reticulated python with a cleaver at Boon Lay Place market. ACRES has submitted information to National Parks Board for investigation.

19-yr-old Malaysian youth to be caned lightly seven times in open court for beating and burning stray dog

A Malaysian Chinese youth who abused and set fire to a stray dog last month, will be caned lightly seven times in open court as part of his punishment. The 19-year-old youth, Braden Yap Hong Sheng, was charged with animal cruelty for causing undue pain to a brown female dog in front of premises at Jalan Impian Emas 22, Taman Impian Emas, Skudai, at 1.49 am on 27 March. Yap pleaded guilty to the charge in the Johor Bahru Sessions Court last week. On Tuesday (18 Apr), Sessions Judge Datuk Che Wan Zaidi Che Wan Ibrahim delivered the verdict to cane Yap lightly seven times, and added that Yap should be placed on a one-year good behavior bond with a surety of RM10,000 (approx. 2,255 USD) for his offense. The light caning on Yap will be held in open court at 9am on 21 May.