Tragic collision: black panther fatally struck by vehicle in Jelebu, Malaysia

Tragic collision: black panther fatally struck by vehicle in Jelebu, Malaysia

NEGERI SEMBILAN, MALAYSIA— A black panther was tragically killed when it was struck by a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) at Kilometer 19 of Seremban-Simpang Pertang Road near Bukit Tangga on Saturday (20 May).

Multiple videos captured by witnesses show the terrified black panther struggling to regain its footing after the collision and desperately attempting to flee from the middle of the road.

The injured black panther can be seen limping on its hind leg as it tries to take cover under a nearby truck in an effort to escape.

One concerned netizen expressed their distress, saying:

“The wildlife department failed to arrive in time, and as a result, this magnificent creature had a chance to walk, only to eventually fall into a drain and perish!”

“It’s a heart-wrenching sight. It’s a consequence of human greed encroaching on their natural habitat…such a pity for these precious wild animals.”

The panther managed to crawl its way to a nearby drain, approximately 4 meters away.

However, tragically, the panther succumbed to its injuries before Malaysia’s wildlife rescue team arrived at the scene.

A heartbreaking video depicts the panther lying motionless in the drain, gasping heavily in its final moments.

Helpless onlookers, including other road users, could only watch in dismay as the black panther fought for its life.

According to a report by Malaysian media outlet Harian Metro, Deputy Superintendent Maslan Udin, the Jelebu District Police Chief, provided details about the incident. He stated that the incident occurred at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

The driver of the MPV, a 30-year-old man, was travelling from Seremban towards Kuala Klawang when the vehicle collided with the black panther.

“While navigating a right bend downhill, the black panther suddenly crossed the road from the right, causing the driver of the MPV to brake abruptly.”

“However, despite the efforts to avoid the collision, the vehicle still hit the animal,” he stated.

Maslan further confirmed that wildlife officers from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) verified the death of the wild animal. Neither the driver nor any of his family members sustained any injuries in the incident.

The Malay Peninsula Boasts the World’s Largest Population of Black Panthers

In Malaysia, the black panther, scientifically known as the melanistic leopard or melanistic jaguar, receives legal protection under the Wildlife Conservation Act of 2010.

According to Panthera, a leading conservation organization, the Malay Peninsula is home to the largest population of black panthers worldwide.

Many believe that black panthers’ dark coat color provides superior camouflage in the dense canopies of the region’s rainforests, making them highly effective at stealthily stalking their prey.

However, black panthers face significant threats, primarily from habitat loss and poaching.

Organizations like Rimba, a wildlife research and preservation group, are deeply concerned about the rapid destruction of rainforests due to the expansion of oil palm and rubber plantations.

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