Sgt Uvaraja’s last FB post alleges high-flyer police commander Zed Teo treated him like an accused

Sgt Uvaraja S/0 Gopal, a reputed officer with the Singapore Police Force, tragically found unconscious, left behind allegations of workplace bullying, favoritism, and racial prejudice.

Before his passing, a Facebook post detailed the mental torment he endured from superiors, including high-flyer Commander Zed Teo, now seconded to a US blockchain firm.

Temasek’s CIO Rohit Sipahimalani pauses investments in crypto in contrast to Ho Ching’s contrarian stance amid FTX loss

Temasek’s CIO, Rohit Sipahimalani, signals hesitation towards crypto investments due to regulatory uncertainty. Despite losing their FTX investment, of US$275million, Mdm Ho Ching, former Temasek CEO, had previously asserted long-term resilience in its investment strategy.

Tan Chuan-Jin thanks pastors looking out for S’poreans but uses “F” word on MP Jamus Lim

While Tan Chuan-Jin praises church leaders for their service in helping Singaporeans with difficulties, his use of unparliamentary language towards fellow parliamentarian, Assoc Prof Jamus Lim – who was advocating for the need for a poverty line in Singapore – underscores a stark contrast in his approach to religion and politics.

URA says building a 25-metre swimming pool a “minor work” but ChatGPT says it’s a major undertaking

The Urban Redevelopment Authority classified the installation of a swimming pool at the Ridout Road bungalows rented by ministers K Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan as “minor work”. Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean found no wrongdoing in their rental transactions. However, typically, pool construction involves substantial planning and resources, contradicting this “minor work” classification.