Lee Bee Wah defends Shanmugam’s S$100 million sacrifice; a contrast to Xi Jinping’s warning to money-seeking officials.”

Lee Bee Wah defends Shanmugam’s S$100 million sacrifice; a contrast to Xi Jinping’s warning to money-seeking officials.”

The ongoing public discussions and debates continue outside of Parliament despite the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) and Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean clearing the two People’s Action Party (PAP) Ministers, Mr K Shanmugam and Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, of wrongdoings with regard to the recent Ridout bungalow rental saga.

Coming to the public defence of the two ministers was Er Dr Lee Bee Wah, who used to work closely in Nee Soon GRC, which was led by Minister Shanmugam.

She was an MP in Nee Soon GRC from 2011 to 2020. She retired from politics in 2020.

In a Facebook video, she expressed sympathy for Mr Shanmugam being investigated regarding the rental of the black-and-white bungalows at Ridout Road.

“I saw Minister Shanmugam being unfairly criticized and investigated for the rental house issue, and it really saddened me,” she said in a recorded video published last Monday.

Speaking in Mandarin, Ms Lee expressed her dissatisfaction with opposition parties as well as Singaporeans who spoke ill of the minister.

Recalling her experience as a former colleague, Ms Lee said that Mr Shanmugam is “a good person who is always willing to help,” and he never turned her down whenever she sought his assistance while facing difficulties in helping residents.

In particular, Ms Lee highlighted that he was a successful lawyer earning a substantial income before becoming a minister, “But in order to serve the people, since entering politics, he earned at least S$100 million lesser, and he did not make any grievances.”

“To help Singaporeans, he has served as an MP for 35 years and as a minister for 15 years, earning lesser for at least S$100 million. Can I ask: how many people can do this?”

Ms Lee even expressed that the while saga was not worth the time of national leaders to discuss in Parliament, “I believe there was no need for any investigation, let alone bringing it to Parliament.”

“Why waste national resources? Why waste the time of our national leaders? Just because opposition party members make baseless accusations? ”

In conclusion, Ms Lee urged Singaporeans to “cherish our good minister and treasure the peace and prosperity of our nation” in her video.

President Xi: Don’t be an official if you want to get rich

In any case, political leaders are not meant to become rich while exercising their duties to govern their country.

In 2015, in a discussion with students attending the CPC central party training school, President Xi advised everyone, “If you want to be an official, don’t think of getting rich, and if you (want to) get rich, don’t be an official.”

“Be an official with a clear mind and no worries. Don’t regard being an official as a way to satisfy greed or a shortcut to unlimited self-benefits. You will be finished sooner or later.”

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