Heroic migrant worker rescued mother and son after car plunged into canal in Bukit Timah

Heroic migrant worker rescued mother and son after car plunged into canal in Bukit Timah

SINGAPORE — On Sunday (9 Jul), a collision between two vehicles occurred in Bukit Timah, resulting in a woman and her son being hospitalized after their car plunged into a canal.

A courageous 35-year-old migrant worker wasted no time and bravely jumped into the canal to rescue the trapped passengers.

He quickly retrieved the boy from the car and handed him over to his colleagues waiting outside the canal. The migrant worker’s compassionate and heroic act garnered praise on social media.

According to a report by Shin Min Daily News, the accident took place at the junction of Lutheran Road and Queen’s Road in the Bukit Timah area, involving a black sedan and a blue SUV.

The impact of the collision caused the blue SUV to spin multiple times before crashing through the railings and ending up in the canal.

The police have confirmed that the accident involved two sedans. Both a 42-year-old female driver and her 12-year-old male passenger were conscious when they were taken to the hospital.

Another 60-year-old female driver is currently assisting the police with their investigation. The case is still under investigation.

The Singapore Civil Defense Force has also verified that the two injured individuals were transported to the National University Hospital for treatment.

In an inspiring account, a brave construction worker promptly responded to the noise of the collision and rushed to the scene, fearlessly jumping into the ditch to directly rescue the individuals.

Kudia, a 35-year-old construction worker and foreman, recounted during an interview that he and his colleagues were on their lunch break when they suddenly heard several loud noises.

Without hesitation, they immediately went to investigate.

“I saw a car parked by the roadside, and as I looked further ahead, I noticed another car in the canal.”

“A woman and a boy emerged from the car, and the woman anxiously asked the boy if he was injured. However, the boy seemed terrified and remained silent, standing motionless.”

Without delay, Kudia jumped into the ditch and lifted the boy, while his colleagues stood ready above to receive him. Several construction workers collaborated to successfully rescue the individuals.

“We later brought a ladder and assisted the woman in climbing out. She expressed her gratitude to us multiple times.”

‘True blue hero’

When commenting on Facebook posts by The Straits Times and Shin Min Daily News, numerous Singaporean netizens praised the compassionate nature of the migrant workers.

They emphasize that although their presence in our community is often overlooked, they are an integral part of Singapore society and contribute significantly to the country’s development.

One netizen commented that these individuals are our true blue heroes. They are the heroes who construct our roads and homes, pouring their sweat and even shedding blood when accidents occur.

A comment urged Singaporeans to express the gratitude that these migrant workers truly deserve. It highlighted how time and again, they have demonstrated their selflessness and big-heartedness.

A comment on Shin Min Daily News’ Facebook post praised the migrant worker for his courageous act of rescuing others. It emphasized that without his intervention to save the mother and child, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Another comment wrote, “It’s unfortunate that there are still many Singaporeans who look down on migrant workers and even mistreat them.”

“Give him an award!”

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