Lee Bee Wah defends Shanmugam’s S$100 million sacrifice; a contrast to Xi Jinping’s warning to money-seeking officials.”

Former People’s Action Party Member of Parliament Lee Bee Wah lauds Minister K Shanmugam’s S$100 million ‘sacrifice’ for entering politics, juxtaposed with China President Xi Jinping’s stern warning against wealth-seeking officials.

Mr Shanmugam sacrificed by earning ‘at least S$100 million lesser’ since entering politics, claims former MP Lee Bee Wah

Former People’s Action Party MP Lee Bee Wah staunchly defended Minister K Shanmugam by saying he made sacrifices to serve the people, by earning “at least S$100 million lesser’ since entering politics. She asserted in a Facebook video that he was facing unjust criticism regarding the rental of the state-owned black-and-white bungalows which he rented out from Singapore Land Authority Furthermore, she firmly believes that the Ridoutgate issue was “waste the time of our national leaders” for discussion in Parliament.

PAP’s Lee Bee Wah retiring from politics after 14 years, will not be contesting in GE2020

People’s Action Party (PAP) member Lee Bee Wah announced on Monday (29…