SGH acknowledges shortcomings in training and assessment of competency of its nurses after a nurse administered an overdose of anesthetic 10 times the prescribed amount

It was reported in the media yesterday (19 Dec) that an elderly patient, Madam Chow Fong Heng, was accidentally given an overdose of anaesthetic 10 times the prescribed dose at SGH. The incident happened two years ago. Madam Chow, who was a dialysis patient, was admitted to SGH on 24 May, 2016. Few days later, she was found to be …

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Foreign Talent: Australia offers more security to expats compared to Singapore

Indian national Vicky Gautam who currently lives in Sydney posted an article on Quora recently, comparing working and living in Singapore and Australia. He has lived and worked in Singapore before. In terms of salary, he said Singapore can offer better. "Any time Singapore is better as jobs offers better remuneration or lets say in hand salary," he said. "There …

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MP Zainal: Landscape workers can be paid more with necessary training and skills

MP Zainal Sapari who is also the Chairman of Tripartite Cluster for Landscape Industry (TCL) replied to a ST Forum letter today, showing that the government has done much to help Singaporean workers in the landscape industry ('Much being done to help those in landscape industry', 17 Dec). "When the Landscape Progressive Wage Model (PWM) was implemented in 2016, the …

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Johor crown prince puts Singaporean and Malaysian politicians to shame

A maritime dispute has recently broken out between Singapore and Malaysia. Malaysia has also expressed its intent to take back control of its airspace over southern Johor, with Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke citing concerns over sovereignty and national interest. Amidst the squabble between the 2 neighboring countries, one man has stepped up to show the way forward for both …

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Govt has exciting plans for Tanjong Pagar after port moves to Tuas

The recent maritime dispute between Singapore and Malaysia has put a spotlight on Singapore's land reclamation at Tuas. Last Thu (6 Dec), Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan dismissed Malaysia’s argument that Singapore cannot claim the disputed waters on the basis of its reclamation works in Tuas in recent years. Reclamation at Tuas has nothing to do with maritime boundary dispute, …

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Even SG expats are complaining about Singapore’s cost of living

A new report by expat community InterNations recently revealed that over half (52%) of expats in Singapore are dissatisfied with Singapore's cost of living. In June this year, ECA International said that Singapore is among the 20 most expensive cities for expats around the world. British trader Oriano Lizza told Singapore Business Review, "The packages of yesteryear were considerably more …

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