Chan warns Malaysia: Risk of escalation cannot be underestimated

Former Army Chief and 2nd Assistant Secretary-General of PAP Chan Chun Sing warned that the "risk of escalation cannot be underestimated" regarding the recent incursion by Malaysian vessels in Singapore waters. Speaking to reporters at a community event yesterday (8 Dec), Chan urged all parties to revert to the "pre-Oct 25 status quo ante for things to calm down". This …

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MINDEF announces week long live-firing exercise after Khaw says SG won’t hesitate to take firm actions against Malaysia’s intrusions

Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan told the media on Thu (6 Dec) that Singapore will not hesitate to take firm actions against intrusions and unauthorised activities within Singapore territorial waters. He was referring to the recent intrusions by Malaysian government vessels into Singapore waters off Tuas. "This violation of Singapore's sovereignty is a serious new issue in our bilateral relations …

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MP Tin says MacPherson estate has rich heritage but avoids mentioning declining asset value of flats there

Channel News Asia published a news on Tuesday (4 Dec) highlighting that MacPherson estate is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It marked the occasion with a community event last month, unveiling a new mobile app with functions that connect residents to digital doctors and volunteers. "Some people may think MacPherson is very old... With an old estate, things obviously …

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Heng chooses Chan to be deputy as the rest have chosen both to lead

In an interview with Singapore media on Saturday (1 Dec) after the end of the G-20 summit, Minister Heng Swee Keat, 57, who has been chosen to lead the 4G PAP leadership, revealed how he came to choose Chan Chun Sing, 49, to be his deputy. Heng earlier announced that he had asked Chan to be his deputy. He shared …

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MP Zainal: $700 a month enough for a Bangla worker to buy land back home

At a roundtable on wages organised by ST on Friday (30 Nov), five panellists were invited to talk about Singapore's wage model. The five, former labour chief Lim Boon Heng, Ambassador-at-Large Tommy Koh, labour MP Zainal Sapari, and employers, Mr Kurt Wee and Mr Daniel Thong, sparred on the various labour issues. At one point, Dr Koh mentioned that workers …

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