Malaysian mother’s heart shattered as child paralysed by school bully’s brutal attack

A Malaysian mother is heartbroken as her child suffers paralysis after being brutally kicked in the head for standing up against a friend who shared explicit videos in a school WhatsApp group. In response, a police report has been lodged to address the actions of the school bully.

6-year-old child traumatised to attend school in Kelantan, allegedly bitten on lips by male teacher

A shocking revelation emerged when a parent discovered that her six-year-old son’s sullen behavior stemmed from alleged abuse by his male teacher, who bit his lips, ears, and nose. The child even described the teacher’s teeth as “yellow and his mouth as black,” which made him feel traumatised. The Malaysian Ministry of Education is currently investigating the matter and will respond accordingly if the allegations are substantiated.

Singaporean shares experience of being forced to abandon a masters in a local university due to alleged subsidy removal

A Singaporean shared her story of having to give up her dream of pursuing a local Masters in Engineering after subsidies for her desired course were allegedly removed. The fees skyrocketed from a few thousand dollars to around S$30,000. She settled for an online MBA and hopes the government prioritizes subsidies for local students.

Prominent figure in Malaysian Chinese Education Movement, Bock Tai Hee, passed away at 79

Bock Tai Hee, the revered “guardian” of Chinese education in Malaysia, passed away at 79 due to COVID-19 complications. Detained under the ISA in 1975 for his advocacy, he dedicated his life to empowering Chinese-Malaysian students and ceaselessly shared his wisdom until the end. His legacy lives on.

Singaporean student team takes 3rd place in international rocket competition

A Singaporean student team from the Singapore Propulsion Lab achieved an impressive third place in an international rocket-building competition. This marked the first successful launch and recovery of a rocket designed entirely by a Singaporean student group.

Student campaigners demand transparency and urgent improvements in NTU’s financial aid system

A student-led campaign group at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) called NTU Financial Aid Friends (NFAF) has embarked on a mission to advocate for transparency and improvements in the university’s financial aid system. The group has identified several key issues faced by students, such as a lack of clarity in the application process, late disbursement of bursaries, and insufficient needs-based subsidies. They have engaged in discussions with NTU’s administration, presenting their suggestions for enhancements. The campaigners are striving to ensure that students in need have better access to financial aid, reducing their financial burden and promoting fairness in the system.

NTU students’ struggle with financial aid: One in three in distress amid $238M expenditure on foreign students and 4.1% real tuition fee increase

NTU student group ‘Financial Aid Friends’ demand transparency and adequacy in financial aid disbursement, citing late disbursements and lesser aid compared to other universities. Amid rising tuition fees and increasing financial struggles among students, concerns are raised about government support and benefits offered to foreign students. This initiative seeks a broader conversation about accessible and inclusive education in Singapore amidst criticisms about disproportionate foreign student composition in the university.

Singapore tuition centre owner accused of physical abuse following viral video

A viral video from Singapore reveals a woman, identified as the owner of ALT Learning of School Afterschool Care and Tuition, physically and verbally abusing a girl at the center. Despite public outcry, the owner claims the girl’s parents approved of the discipline and that they maintain a good relationship.

Former Malaysian student file lawsuit against English teacher over alleged seven-month absence from classes in 2015

Siti Nafirah, a former student, has taken legal action against the Malaysian Government over her English teacher’s alleged absence for seven months. The case highlights educational misconduct, but due to the pandemic, the trial has faced delays. Now represented by a new lawyer, the trial has finally resumed with a decision expected in July. Other students have joined the campaign against teacher absenteeism, facing pressure to drop the case. In 2021, an injunction was granted to protect the plaintiffs, and Tiada.Guru demanded an apology and disciplinary action against MOE officers.

Chee Soon Juan urged Singaporeans to deal with the AI advancements, find courage to reform the society

Dr Chee Soon Juan, Secretary General of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), issued a warning about the rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their impact on Singaporean society. He expressed concern that the current education system fails to prepare children for a fundamentally changed and unrecognizable world. Dr Chee highlighted the possibility of entire professions being altered or disappearing due to AI. He criticized the lack of changes in the education system and accused the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) of “dumbing down” Singaporeans. Despite the bleak future, he remained hopeful that Singaporeans would find the courage to initiate change and reform. Dr Chee also invited the public to his restaurant, Orange and Teal, to foster intelligent discussions and intense debates.