6-year-old child traumatised to attend school in Kelantan, allegedly bitten on lips by male teacher

6-year-old child traumatised to attend school in Kelantan, allegedly bitten on lips by male teacher

KELANTAN, MALAYSIA— Parents always hope for their children to have a joyful learning experience in school and make friends. Teachers, too, are expected to nurture these young kids with dedication and kindness.

Regrettably, a recent incident in Kelantan, Malaysia, has severely undermined a mother’s trust in the school and the role of educators.

A parent discovered that her six-year-old son displayed sulky behavior every time he returned home from school and constantly asked about more holidays.

The mystery behind his behavior was finally solved when the mother shockingly learned from her child that his male teacher had allegedly bitten his lips, ears, and nose, subjecting him to abuse.

The child even described the teacher’s teeth as “yellow and his mouth as black,” which made him feel disgusted.

Mother observed his six-year-old always looks gloomy when it was a school day

The mother, Eyma Zaideen, recently exposed the incident in a Facebook post on Saturday (8 Jul). She described how her child would always ask about school holidays and would appear gloomy when it was a school day.

“He always looks gloomy and not as happy as other kids. His demeanor changes when he returns from school.”

“As a mother, I could sense that something was not right because Abang Cik (her son’s nickname) is the type who doesn’t share what happens at school, keeping it to himself when someone bothers him.”

Upon further inquiry, Ms Zaideen was shocked to discover that her son had become a victim of abuse by the teacher.

“He said, ‘Mama, Abang Cik can’t stand going to school anymore, he wants to change schools. The teacher always bites Abang Cik’s lips.'”

“The teacher’s teeth are yellow and his mouth is black… Abang Cik feels disgusted. Sometimes the teacher bites his ear and nose too, and today he bit his lip and nose,” she recounted her child’s story.

The mother also consulted Abang Cik’s elder brother and sister, who attend the same school. To her surprise, they confirmed that the male teacher, known as Cikgu Nor, was indeed infamous for biting people, causing fear among the children.

“I was extremely unhappy, this was the first time I heard about it, and it gave me goosebumps. My heart ached so much at that time!”

Ms Zaideen further asked the children if other teachers at the school were aware of Cikgu Nor’s behavior. The kids mentioned that there was a teacher who knew, as some students who were bitten would cry in front of other teachers, who would then laugh at them.

“This is not an educator; he’s crazy like a vampire. Other parents may stay silent, but not me. I’m sorry, Cikgu Nor, just wait! Can you imagine what I’m feeling?”

Ms. Zaideen’s post quickly went viral and was shared by over 2,000 netizens. Many expressed shock upon learning about the incident and urged the mother to report the matter to the police and the Minister of Education.

Malaysian Ministry of Education investigating the incident

According to Malaysian media outlet Sinar Harian, the Ministry of Education (KPM) is conducting a detailed investigation into an incident where a male teacher allegedly bit a student, causing trauma and emotional distress.

Deputy Minister of Education, Lim Hui Ying, stated on Monday (10 Jul) that they take the allegations seriously and will take appropriate action if they are proven to be true.

“KPM has identified the Facebook post claiming the incident, and such an incident should not have occurred. KPM takes this matter seriously, and we are conducting further investigations.”

“If there are cases like this, appropriate actions will definitely be taken,” she added.

The mother worried about her child’s mental well-being

In her recent post, Ms Zaideen expressed deep concern for her child’s mental well-being, as the incident has had a significant impact on him, leading to a loss of appetite and emotional distress.

“And now, he is still afraid to go to school. He throws tantrums and cries. Don’t even ask how traumatic it is for me to face this.”

She strongly criticized the initial response from the school, which dismissed the incident as a joke. Ms Zaideen emphasized that such actions involving private parts should never be considered a joke.

“Alhamdulillah, I have received full support from many parties. Only 3/4 people, who are Cikgu Nor’s bootlickers, made comments saying that my post was just content and nothing serious, ” Ms. Zaideen noted that these comments have since been deleted.

She reiterated her commitment to maintaining communication with the school regarding the matter and stressed that she will only close the case on her social media once appropriate action has been taken against the teacher.

“I will not let the teacher go without proper consequences. Malaysia has laws, you know. I have to protect the fate of my child and other students.”

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