Malaysian mother’s heart shattered as child paralysed by school bully’s brutal attack

Malaysian mother’s heart shattered as child paralysed by school bully’s brutal attack

SELANGOR, MALAYSIA — The heart of a mother shattered upon receiving news that her child was kicked in the head just for reprimanding a friend who shared explicit videos in a school WhatsApp group.

Sharing the heart-wrenching story through her child’s Facebook account on Wednesday (12 Jul), the mother unveiled the incident that left her child paralyzed and unable to move, the result of the brutal impact of the kick.

In light of the school bully’s actions, a police report has been filed, as revealed by the mother.

It all began when the mother received a call from the dormitory warden, who informed her that the incident originated from her child, who, as the class monitor, confronted another classmate for sharing explicit videos in the school WhatsApp group.

This confrontation provoked the other student, who responded with a sudden and forceful kick to the head.

“When I received the news that my child was hurriedly taken to the hospital in an ambulance, only God knows the anguish that engulfed a mother’s heart,” she tearfully expressed, emphasising that her child abhors violence and aggression.

While her child can move their hands and legs at present, an MRI scan is required to identify any internal injuries.

The Facebook user further emphasized the immense burden a mother bears when her child becomes the target of such reprehensible acts by others.

“The doctor informed me that if the kick had struck slightly lower, my world would have plunged into darkness, mama,” she shared.

In the midst of these challenging circumstances, she humbly requested prayers for her child’s recovery and urged everyone to steer clear of harm’s way.

Netizens express wishes for speedy recovery of the child

Netizens flooded the comment section, expressing their prayers for Fikry and wishing for his speedy recovery.

One netizen wrote, “May your child make a complete recovery. And may other children be protected from the dangers of malicious kids.”

Others reminded the mother to follow up on the case with the school and the police, ensuring that the student involved is held accountable and that strict action is taken against him.

“May Fikry’s younger sibling recover quickly. This incident should serve as a strong lesson for the student who kicked him, that they shouldn’t engage in violent acts just for the sake of it… the impact it has on others.”

“Stay strong, ma’am. The prayers of the entire Malaysian community are with you and your family.”

“Please take this case to court, so it serves as a lesson for those who did this. Let their parents also experience what you, as a mother, are going through when someone harms your child.”


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