Singapore Airlines profit drops by 47.5% despite recording highest annual revenue to date

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has reported a 47.5% decline in profit for the financial year of 201/19 despite also recording its highest annual revenue to date (S$683 million). In a report on the Group financial performance released on 16 May, SIA said ‘transformation initiatives’ as contributing to the company’s record revenue performance, however an increase in fuel prices significantly affected the …

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WhatsApp rushed to fix security vulnerability exploited by Israeli spyware

WhatsApp discovered a disturbing security breach early this month when they found that dozens of users had been hacked. The Facebook subsidiary found that the hack occurred when one or two missed calls were received from an unfamiliar number, enabling the malicious code was shipped onto their phone via that missed call, without any user intervention. “We are deeply concerned …

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Singapore government’s justification for fake news law is similar to that of Malaysia’s Anti-Fake News Act which was eventually repealed

Debate is still swirling around the Singapore government’s proposed fake news law, the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) – even more so this week as parliament sits down for a second reading for the bill. Since it was introduced last month (1 April), the government has consistently defended the bill against strong criticism on several fronts. Human …

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Lawyer representing American who leaked HIV data quits, citing irreconcilable differences

The lawyer of the American accused of leaking confidential data from Singapore’s HIV registry has quit, citing “serious, persistent and irreconcilable differences” between him and his client, Mikhy Farrera Brochez. In a motion to the US Federal Court in Kentucky where the case is being tried, attorney John Oakley said that Brochez has made “false accusations regarding promises and assurances” …

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