Nas of Nas Daily is starting his own company in San Francisco next year

Isreali Facebook blogger Nas Daily started with a simple challenge: make one video a day for 1000 days. In a short time, Nas’ daily one-minute videos became a hit, garnerning millions of views only hours after being uploaded and shared over thousands of times by viewers all around the world. Part of the draw is that he films all around …

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Broadband in Singapore is the cheapest per megabit per month in the world

Cable.co.uk, with the assistance of international consumer insight consultancy BVA BDRC, analysed 3,303 fixed-line broadband deals in 195 countries that were gathered between 15 August and 20 September 2018. According to their analysis, Singapore’s broadband offers rank it as 118th most expensive in the world and 10th most expensive in Asia with an average monthly package price of USD50.43 (S$68.45). …

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Luxembourg aims to make all public transportation free by 2020

Soon, all public transport in Luxembourg will be free as fares for trains, trams, and buses are lifted next summer. This is one part of the plans of the re-election coalition government led by Xavier Bettel has been sworn in as Prime Minister for a second term. Luxembourg’s capital is home to about 110,000 people while a further 400,000 commute …

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Nas Daily loves Singapore’s new smoking ban in Orchard Road

Social media vlogger Nas Daily is back at it with another video on Singapore, this time praising the islands strict smoking ban. The one-minute video shows an enthusiastic Nas talking about Singapore upcoming smoking ban is the Orchard Road area, one of Singapore’s most popular shopping districts. Earlier this year, Nas found himself in hot soup after releasing a few …

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Prof Tommy Koh lauded by netizens for his progressive views on wages for low-income groups

During the round table discussion on wages in the ages of disruptions hosted by Straits Times, National University of Singapore Professor Dr Tommy Koh argued that the government's apparent resistance towards implementing a minimum wage in the Republic is rooted in "fake" ideological arguments. The Ambassador-at-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Singapore government has always insisted …

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Singapore’s obsession with rankings will ultimately hurt academia more than it helps

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) published an article discussing the US$200,000 starting salary offered by Singapore's national university and the effects that will have on education and research in Singapore overall. The National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have been rapidly ascending the global university rankings, now in 11th and 12th respectively based on the …

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