New Inspector General’s Office to oversee safety protocols in SAF – but what happened to existing Safety & Systems Review Directorate??

Following the death of operationally ready reservist Corporal First Class (NS) Aloysius Pang, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) announced that they had lowered the training tempo – referring to the duration, frequency and intensity of training activities – in order to allow units more time to comprehensively review their training programmes with the aim of reducing training risk for all …

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Recent data breaches have tarnished Singapore’s image as tech innovator

The country’s ‘smart nation’ portal says ‘Data is the new currency, and with open data, the possibilities are endless!’ Singapore has long been pushing this island as a technology hub and the government is constantly championing greater use of technology in various sectors to increase efficiency. Unfortunately, two major data breaches have tarnished Singapore’s tech-savvy image. In 2018, Singapore’s health …

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Activist Sangeetha Thanapal receives stern warning from authorities after calling Singapore ‘a terribly racist country’

Vocal activist Sangeetha Thanapal has been given a stern warning by the police over a Facebook post that they say promotes feelings of ill will and hostility between the races. Ms Thanapal, originally from Singapore, now lives in Melbourne where she works as a researcher. The police confirmed to the Straits Times (ST) that they investigated her earlier this month …

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Suicide rates among the elderly have increased – why?

In 2017, there were 361 recorded cases of suicides in Singapore according to the report on deaths and births by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. 239 were male and 122 were female. The average age of those who died by suicide: 51 years old. Vice News recently highlighted the shocking rise of suicides among the elderly in Singapore, noting that …

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Adjunct teacher quits following viral post about lack of parental involvement

Following a viral outburst on social media by adjunct teacher Lenny Rahman that led to her leaving her post, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said that educators should be mindful of their behaviour on social media platforms. Responding to queries from Straits Times, MOE divisional director of HR solutions and capabilities said, “MOE has a code of professional conduct that …

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