Kiara Xavier

Retired banker Chris Kuan questions SingPost’s “peak season” excuse

In response to SingPost’s public apology over their shortcomings in recent months, regular finance commentator and retired banker Chris Kuan questioned their excuse of saying “peak season” is the reason why they have been slacking in their service. Releasing a statement on their Facebook page yesterday (14 January), SingPost revealed that the November-December peak season was extremely busy for them …

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Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan warns other countries to not take Singapore for granted

Singapore’s Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan warns countries dealing with the Republic to not take Singapore’s consistency, and some would say predictability, for granted. “We will always take appropriate measures to safeguard our interests. And any country dealing with Singapore must assume that it is cost-free to embark on any adventures or antics against us. There will be consequences,” he said. …

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Company falsely declaring salaries to get employment passes is not a new thing

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said on Monday (14 January) that the food and beverage behind famous restaurant chain Penang Culture has been fined S$94,500 for falsely declaring salaries in work pass applications. On 27 December 2018, GD Group was convicted of seven charges under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, with another 13 taken into consideration during sentencing. In …

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Netizens question why no legal action is taken after SingPost caught red-handed for trying to dupe business man S$7000 for distributing his flyers

Singapore Post (SingPost) is back in the limelight for another bad publicity when its staff was caught red-handed trying to dupe a small business owner, who had paid S$7, 000 for flyer distribution, and was informed that his flyers were distributed, but in reality it wasn’t. Johnson Tan, a massage parlour owner, had engaged a service from SingPost that prints …

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