Kiara Xavier

Mixed reaction from public over the move to abolish secondary school streaming

By 2024, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will put a complete stop to Normal (Technical), Normal (Academic) and Express streams in secondary schools. Instead, students will be embarking on a subject-based banding where they will be taking up subjects at higher or lower levels, based on their strengths. After implementing the old system for about four decades, Education Minister Ong …

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Studies say vaping may be as dangerous as smoking but netizens rubbish the claim

There’s no dispute that smoking is addictive, and it causes endless health issues which eventually could lead to death. But when it comes to vaping, there is no consensus. Since 1993, Singapore has banned sales of imitation tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. But, in February 2018, Singapore also made it illegal to buy, use or possess these. Vapes, or commonly known …

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Diesel tax hike: Not sparing a thought for our cabbies

by Kok Ming Cheang The unhappy response from our cabbies to the 100% hike in diesel tax with immediate effect, underlines the sour feelings of the general public to Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat’s Budget 2019 announcement in Parliament on February 18. The sudden diesel tax hike was like a big bombshell had fallen on the taxi-drivers’ community. For the …

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Is the Merdeka Generation package a vote buying bag of benefits or a tribute?

by Khush Chopra We are told the purpose or objective of the MGP is tributary in nature to recognise the contributions of that cohort to the economic and national development of Singapore “to honour them for what they have done for Singapore.” As set out in Channel NewsAsia (CNA) online here: “First announced during Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National …

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Death Penalty – Singapore, What is Going On?

by M Ravi I was at the European Parliament yesterday, and in a rare occasion, felt less pride in adorning my Singapore Badge. A representative from the Council of Europe highlighted Singapore’s leading role in opposing the move by the UN General Assembly to pass a resolution to abolish or impose a moratorium on death penalty. Quite a number (almost …

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Heng Swee Keat: Crucial for GST hike to pay for more expenses by Govt

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat said on Thursday (28 February) that the Government has yet to decide the exact timing of when the planned Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be increased from 7 per cent to 9 per cent. However, he ensured that the Government will exercise care in doing so. “We will continue to monitor the prevailing economic …

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