Popular travel vlogger Nusseir Yassin, better known as the founder of Nas Daily, announced on Friday (16 October) that his company is looking to set up a second office in Dubai so that it can tap into the Middle East market.

Mr Yassin noted in response to Channel News Asia queries via email that his goal was “to have operations in every country”, with the company’s headquarters still to remain in Singapore.

“We are growing fast in Singapore and now we want to build a second office in Dubai for the Middle East market,” said the 28-year-old Palestinian-Israeli.

He added that currently there are 40 employees working under Nas Studios and Nas Academy in Singapore.

Asked if he would personally consider moving to Dubai, Mr Yassin, who is well-known for visiting different countries and sharing his experiences in one-minute videos on his Facebook channel, said that he would have two homes instead of one.

“I’m gonna be one month here, one month there,” he wrote.  “To be clear, it’s an expansion. Not a move.”

Last year, Mr Yassin and his girlfriend, Aylne Tamir, decided to relocate to Singapore along with his company. Announcing the move in an Instragram post, he noted that although Singapore is world’s most expensive city, but he thinks that “it’s the world’s best place for our purposes: to live and build up the Nas Daily Media Company”.

The blogger along with his American-Israeli girlfriend, who is also a video content creator, first arrived in Singapore in August 2018 when they stayed for a month. During his short stay, he was vocal about how he is “really fascinated” with the country.

Some of the videos that he created while he was here were on how Singapore’s passport is a dream for many, how “you’re not gonna get any road rage” in the country and how its landfills are so “insanely clean” that they look like resorts.

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