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Critical role of civil society

by Robin Low The idea of a welfare state is shunned by many countries and groups within our modern business-oriented society. At the same time, the rise of neo liberalism and the growing concentration of wealth have created the conditions for an explosive growth of philanthropy. We have limited resources but ambitious Sustainable Development Goals, so we look to philanthropy …

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Registration Officer prepares the Registers of Electors, same timing as 2015

The Election Department has announced that the Registration Officer is preparing the Registers of Electors in accordance with section 10(1)1 of the Parliamentary Elections Act based on the prescribed date of 1 Feb 2019. Any person who satisfies the following qualifying criteria as of 1 Feb 2019 (i.e. the cut-off date for the Registers of Electors) will have his name …

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Lim Tean to organise second rally at Hong Lim Park on 16 March

Following the success of his first rally on Saturday (26 January), Lim Tean, founder of political party People’s Voice, is gearing up to organised his second rally called “Where Is The Accountability In Singapore?” on 16 March at Hong Lim Park. Announcing this news on his Facebook page, the Singaporean lawyer and politician, said that the Republic is no longer …

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Malaysian government has remitted ‘abortive costs’ for HSR postponement

The Singapore government has announced on Thursday (31 January) that it has received confirmation from the Government of Malaysia through diplomatic correspondence that it has remitted to the Government of the Republic of Singapore the payment for abortive costs incurred by Singapore in suspending the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail Project. The deal came after a formal agreement between the two …

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Chafer cyberespionage group targets embassies with updated homebrew spyware

Kaspersky Lab researchers have detected multiple attempts to infect foreign diplomatic entities in Iran with homebrew spyware. The attacks appear to be using an updated Remexi backdoor. Several legitimate tools were also used during the campaign. The Remexi backdoor is linked to a suspected Farsi-speaking cyberespionage group known as Chafer, previously associated with the cyber-surveillance of individuals in the Middle …

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New Inspector General’s Office to oversee safety protocols in SAF – but what happened to existing Safety & Systems Review Directorate??

Following the death of operationally ready reservist Corporal First Class (NS) Aloysius Pang, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) announced that they had lowered the training tempo – referring to the duration, frequency and intensity of training activities – in order to allow units more time to comprehensively review their training programmes with the aim of reducing training risk for all …

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