Report from The Straits times.

HEAVY rains lashed Singapore early on Saturday morning, uprooting trees and causing flash floods in many area.

The affected areas included Braddell Road, Changi Road and Bukit Timah, where rising floodwaters stranded several drivers in their vehicles.

At the Tessarina Condo in Bukit Timah area, waters rose to knee-high, flooding the basement carpark. Some cars were almost submerged in water, prompting frantic residents to move them out to drier grounds. reader Jerry Chan said the flooding was ‘chaotic’ and it was the third time in seven months, not ‘once in 50 years as suggested’.

Singapore Civil Defence Force personnel also evacuated 60 people in 20 different places, including passengers who were stuck in an SBS bus along Upper Thomson Road.

There were also reports of a fallen tree along Dorset Road, which was causing traffic congestion.

Along Upper Thomson Road, shops were reported to be badly damaged, with huge fridges overturned and smashed.

There were also reports of a flooded carpark at the Delfi Orchard, which was hit by the worst flooding in 26 years in June just less than a month ago.

Parts of Kallang and Tanjong Katong were also flooded.

Ms Grace Loh, a resident of Tanjong Katong, sent pictures of her flooded home, which she called a ‘shocking sight’.

Said Ms Loh: ‘The flood today seems worse than what I experienced as a child in the 1980s!’


Pictures from The Online Citizen:

Eunos Crescent hawker center, 17 July 2010, Saturday morning, 7.45am:

Straits Times report, 12 July 2010:

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