Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen

Majority netizens feel Defence Minister should be held responsible for the death of NS servicemen

The recent death of Corporal First Class (CFC) Aloysius Pang Wei Chong in New Zealand was not the first occurrence where a serviceman lost his life on the job.

At least 7 other Singaporeans have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the nation in peacetime in the past 16 months.

When such incident repeats itself frequently in a short span of time, many wonder if someone should be held accountable for the lost lives.

In fact, when a similar event happened in Taiwan where a young conscript died in the military, the country’s defence minister resigned. But, that situation seems rather far-fetched in Singapore.

We created a poll on our Facebook page and asked netizens if they think Minister of Defence Ng Eng Hen should be held responsible for the deaths of our servicemen. After receiving 4,100 votes, 85% of them think that Mr Ng should absolutely held responsible for the lost lives, and only 15% think otherwise.

We have also received over 200 comments and most of them strongly feel that the minister should step down.