Augustine Low

What happens when citizens fear their government?

American founding father Thomas Jefferson had this to say: “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When people fear the government, there is tyranny.” It would seem that fear is a one-way street in this country. Just how pervasive is the fear factor? Singaporeans young and old fear that if they offend the powers that be in whatever way …

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The five Cs of political leadership in Singapore

Leadership renewal is taking shape, with significant changes to the Central Executive Committee of the People’s Action Party. But what is most certainly not subject to renewal is the conduct and character of political leadership. These five Cs could very well define the state of political leadership in this country. First and foremost is cronyism. The crony capitalism index by …

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Fake news aside, what other fake stuff are going on in this country?

Fake news has become such a perceived threat – especially from external forces – that the Singapore government is determined to adopt measures to safeguard the sovereignty and security of the country. But it would seem that there are many other fake stuff going on in this country. And they have got nothing to do with foreign intervention, they are …

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Do Singaporeans have to accept that politics is dirty business?

 “But this is politics!” Very often, this is the retort from people – especially supporters of the People’s Action Party – in dismissing manoeuvrings and manipulations that go on in this country. Let’s take the Aljunied-Hougang town council saga culminating in the Workers’ Party town councillors being embroiled in an ongoing legal battle and potentially being made bankrupt and losing …

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Has the wind been knocked out of the Opposition?

When Singapore’s biggest and most successful Opposition party has to resort to making a public appeal for money to pay for legal battles and “deal with the prospect” of bankruptcy, you know they are in dire straits. It would be no surprise though if Singaporeans, by and large, still go about their lives thinking what happens to the Opposition is …

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The Minister is right – let’s look at outcomes to see if there is inequality and rich-poor disparity

Look at the outcomes Singapore has achieved, Social and Family Development Minister Desmond Lee has urged. This was his response to a report by United Kingdom-based charity organisation Oxfam which ranked Singapore among the bottom 10 countries in the world at tackling inequality. The Minister is right on point. Outcomes are what matters and outcomes are precisely what Singaporeans have …

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