Lim Tean at the Abuse of Process Rally (Photo – Terry Xu)

Following the success of his first rally on Saturday (26 January), Lim Tean, founder of political party People’s Voice, is gearing up to organised his second rally called “Where Is The Accountability In Singapore?” on 16 March at Hong Lim Park.

Announcing this news on his Facebook page, the Singaporean lawyer and politician, said that the Republic is no longer an exceptional country that it once felt proud of under the ruling of the current People’s Action Party (PAP) government.

According to him, Singapore has become a country where the elites have messed up terribly but still being paid extraordinarily high salary.

“Our frequent train break downs, NS deaths, fiascos in the Ministry Of Health, diabolical mandatory medical schemes forced upon us by the Government, constant changes to the CPF rules and delay in payment etc. These are just several of the many incompetencies which have emanated from this government.,” he explained.

Despite all these shortcomings, Mr Lim expressed that there is no accountability by the government. Incompetent ministers and establishment figures are never sacked and neither do they have the decency to resign when found lacking, he added.

As such, this rally is organised to send a loud message to the government and incompetent elites as the country deserves better.

Lim Tean had earlier organised a rally on 26 Jan which touched on the abuse of process in Singapore which attracted a crowd of roughly thousand over attendees.

Responding to his post, many netizens have responded and said that they will support his rally by attending it.

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