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This international school digitised their examination & assessment system – perhaps SEAB should consider doing the same

The recent news about the GCE O-Level examination scripts send to Cambridge Assessment in the UK going missing has reignited the conversation around the security of around transporting exam scripts halfway around the world to be graded. Cambridge Assessment says they have strict security measures in place for transportation of exam scripts. But like any system that deals with humans, …

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Malaysia refuses to host any events involving Israeli participants, says Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah; discreet economic relations with Israel “booming” despite Malaysia’s diplomatic hostility?

Following the announcement by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad regarding the ban on Israeli athletes against entering Malaysia and subsequently participating in the upcoming 2019 World Para Swimming Championships in Kuching, the Malaysian government has decided to prohibit Israeli representatives from entering the country for any kind of programme in the future. Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah mentioned, in addition to …

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ST readers refute survey results that says salary is not the biggest driver for job satisfaction for Singapore workers

According to a study done by data collection platform Qualtrics, it is revealed that salary is not the biggest driver of satisfaction among Singapore employees. The Straits Times (ST) published an article about the results of the report which was released yesterday (16 January), and sought to provide details of the daily experience of Singapore’s working population and how key …

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Domestic workers are psychologically coerced into conditions of forced labour

In a panel discussion about the report on forced labour in the migrant domestic work sector, Archana Kotecha said that many countries are much further along than Singapore in their journey in offering protections to migrant domestic workers (MDWs). Ms Kotecha, Asia Region Director and Head of Legal at Liberty Shared – who collaborated with the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration …

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MOM seems reluctant to acknowledge the abuses faced by migrant domestic workers

MOM has seen the report on forced labour in the migrant domestic worker (MDW) sector by the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) and Hong Kong-based anti-human trafficking organisation Liberty Shared, says HOME Executive Director Sheena Kaur. The report illustrates the reprehensible abuses that MDWs are forced to endure here in Singapore. It highlights multiple case studies in which migrant …

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It’s shameful how reluctant authorities are in pursuing cases of verbal or emotional abuse against migrant domestic workers

In a report on forced labour in the domestic work sector in Singapore, the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) and anti-human trafficking organisation Liberty Shared talked about a particularly distressing case of abuse of a migrant domestic worker (MDW) and the reluctance of authorities to intervene unless obvious physical abuse is involved. The worker in question, known only as …

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