On 16 January, a Facebook user named Siti Shahira posted on her timeline urging people to contact her if they have seen her son, Danish Farazqi bin Md Fazlee.

A couple of hours later, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) put up an appeal on the whereabouts of the 7-year-old child, who was last seen at Block 61 Geylang Bharu at about 10am wearing a white and orange shirt, paired with orange shorts.

According to Danish’s grandmother, the young boy with autism had apparently gone missing while his mother was sending his two other siblings to school.

However, after just three hours of posting the appeal, Danish was found at NEX, a shopping mall in Serangoon, by patrolling officers from Serangoon Neighbourhood Police Centre.

It appears that the boy had taken several buses before reaching his final location.

The ordeal which lasted for about five hours finally came to a happy ending for Danish’s family. Although the police could have just returned the child safely to his family, they decided to go beyond that by actually buying him a toy.

After the reunion, the boy’s mother updated her Facebook post, thanking her family, friends, and most importantly, the SPF for their efforts in locating her child.

Upon posting this news on Facebook, many netizens shared their happiness and congratulated SPF for their job well done.

Besides the general public, Danish’s mother, grand-aunt and grandmother also took the opportunity to thank SPF for safely bringing the boy home.

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