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Hawker reacts to Amy Khor’ criticism that hawker complaints are merely unverified anecdotes

Public debate over the effectiveness of the social enterprise model that’s being piloted in seven hawker centres around the island is continuing to heat up. Some of the main concerns that have been raised by the hawkers themselves include high rental, high ancillary costs, the requirement of having an ‘affordable meal’ option that’s less that $3, and unreasonable contractual terms …

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New Moneylending Regulations to come into force on 30 November

The first phase of Moneylenders (Amendment) Act 2018 and Moneylenders (Amendment) Rules 2018, which was designed to provide better protection for borrowers and strengthen the regulation of licensed moneylenders, will be implemented starting from 30 November 2018. The Ministry of Law (MinLaw) stated on last Friday that the second phase of implementation will take effect in the first quarter of 2019. Together, …

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Joseph Schooling broke two national records at the FINA World Cup

Singapore’s swimming hero Joseph Schooling has a fruitful time at the FINA World Cup this weekend (17 Nov), bringing home two medals and breaking two national records while he was there. In the men’s 50m butterfly, Schooling clocked a new national record of 22.04s, besting his previous record by 0.89 seconds, to bring home a bronze, just behind Russia’s Vladimir …

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Netizens question NEA’s motives behind granting subsidies for centralised dishwashing costs at new SEHCs

Following the announcement by the National Environment Agency (NEA) last Friday (16 Nov) regarding its plans to begin subsidising centralised dishwashing costs at seven new social enterprise hawker centres (SEHCs) as a part of its extension of the ‘Productive Hawker Centres’ grant to stallholders starting 1 Jan next year, netizens have strongly criticised the agency’s move. Many netizens pointed out that …

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What exactly does the Future Economy Council do?

Singapore seems to have an endless number of councils and bodies to solve various issues. According to news reports,  13 new members from the public and private sector, educational institutions and the unions have been appointed to the Future Economy Council (FEC). I am sure I am not alone in not being aware that this council even existed. Taking a quick look …

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We Need Your Help

It is always an awkward task to ask for money but I am going to do it anyway. I have been contributing articles to The Online Citizen (TOC) for many years. Through its many incarnations, it has always remained steadfast in its commitment to deliver objective and accurate information to the Singaporean public because it believes in the public’s right …

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